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Carb Blocking Ability of White Kidney Bean Extract

The white kidney bean plant is scientifically known as phaseolus vulgar and is native to the Indies, Peru and Europe. One benefit of white kidney bean extract is that it has been scientifically verified to have the ability to block the digestion of some dietary carbohydrates. For this reason, many natural diet pills contain white kidney bean extract, or phaseolus vulgar extract, for its carb blocking ability.

Many herbal diet pills contain white kidney bean extract for its ability to block the digestion of some dietary carbohydrates.

Many herbal diet pills contain white kidney bean extract for its ability to block the digestion of some dietary carbohydrates.

After the consumption of starchy carbohydrates, also referred to as complex carbohydrates, your body breaks them down into smaller units called dextrins with the help of the enzyme alpha-amylase. Dextrins are then broken down further into glucose, which is used for various purposes including instant energy requirements and is stored in the liver or muscle tissue as glycogen. Shuttling of glycogen to the liver enables its conversion into lipids and storage as fat. White kidney bean extract blocks the functioning of the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase that is responsible for breaking down carbohydrates into dextrin then ultimately glucose. The result is that ingested carbohydrates pass through the digestive system undigested, resulting in lower intake of energy and ultimately lowering the amount of body fat created from these types of foods.

It is important to note that while considering white kidney bean extract as a weight loss supplement, it is capable of blocking some carbohydrate digestion but cannot block the digestion of simple sugars or fat, hence the requirement of dietary controls for maintenance of optimum health is still necessary. Although white kidney bean extract is capable of inhibiting alpha-amylase, another starch digestive enzyme known as glucoamylase may begin digesting starch during the inhibition period of alpha-amylase. Although white kidney bean extract can help promote healthy weight loss and weight management, users are still recommended to limit their carbohydrate intake.

White kidney bean extract is relatively safe to take. Using this supplement can derive some weight loss benefit, particularly for those who lack adequate time for preparing healthy meals. People living a lifestyle that is fast-paced frequently eat fast foods that are high in carbohydrates, but low in vital nutrients. Although, as mentioned, white kidney bean extract can only do so much to prevent the digestion of carbohydrates. As with all other types of diet pills and weight loss supplements, weight loss will be very small unless they are combined with a healthier, low-calorie diet and regular exercise.

White kidney bean extract is a carb blocker and can pose some risk of side-effects that include heartburn, gastrointestinal distress, excessive gas and diarrhea. This may become rather problematic especially because white kidney bean extract has to be taken on a daily basis to be effective. Perhaps the worst fact of all is that once the user quits taking white kidney bean extract, there is an almost a sure guarantee of adding weight once again. This reiterates why it is so important to establish a healthier diet and exercise program even when taking this supplement.

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