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Fat Burning Effects of Guarana

Guarana is a species of an evergreen vine commonly found in the wild rain forest basins of the Amazon. The indigenous natives inhabiting the Amazon used to crush the guarana seed and use it as medicine or as a beverage. Guarana was essentially used in the treatment of diarrhea, reduction of hunger, aiding in arthritis and decreasing fatigue. The active components in guarana are theophylline, alkaloids theobromine and guaranine. The chemical structure of guaranine is identically similar to caffeine and the effects are also almost identical. Guarana contains tannins and this accounts to why it is traditionally used in the treatment of diarrhea.

Guarana contains compounds that promote fat burning and boost energy levels.

Guarana contains compounds that promote fat burning and boost energy levels.

When guarana is combined with Siberian ginseng and Asian ginseng, athletes often use it while trying to produce energizing effects. There are however, no clinical studies that can conclusively substantiate guarana’s benefit for this use. Guarana is a stimulant of the central nervous system, it increases metabolism, while its diuretic effect is mild. When combined with various herbs, it is quite effective in promoting weight loss. This effect is attributed to a mechanism that suppresses appetite and increases the burning of calories or both.

The energizing and fat burning effects of guarana are over two times stronger than caffeine, especially the one found in soft drinks, tea and coffee. Its uniqueness from these beverages is that it has slower release and this is attributed to the fats in the guarana seed even when it is in the form of powder. Since guarana is not easily water-soluble, its absorption by the body is not accomplished quickly. Due to the slow release, the energy boost one experiences from guarana is not similar to the experience one receives from coffee, which is one of a sudden rush followed by a rapid drop-off. Rather, when consuming guarana the energizing and fat burning effects continue for hours.

While the energy burst provided by caffeine from various beverages is rather short-lived, excites and overheats the body, guaranine contains a cooling action capable of revitalizing and relaxing the body. This is because guarana consists of various components that play the role of modifying this substance’s activities. In comparison to coffee and tea, the end results of using guarana benefits the body a great deal more. CLA effectiveness is accelerated by caffeine hence making it a more potential fat burner. Guarana is capable of stimulating lipid migration to ensure that fat can be burned in the form of energy.

Guarana assists in temporarily and naturally increasing metabolic thermogenesis and body temperature via a nutritional stimulation of the receptor pathway in the body and this induces the release and breakdown body fat, hence promoting the metabolism of stored fats into energy. Thermogenesis is basically heat production in the body and it is a normal metabolic process. There are particular nutritional substances used to enhance thermogenesis which is a guarana constituent. Other constituents other than guaranine that contribute to the fat burning effects of guarana include theophylline and theobromine since they also act to increase the rate of metabolism, suppress appetite and enhance mental and physical performance.

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