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LuraLean Review

LuraLean is a product produced by the AHD international for weight loss enhancement. LuraLean is a soluble fiber that is made from konjac root extract, also known as glucomannan fiber. There are numerous diet pills that contain glucommanan as part of their ingredients (see the review of Glucomannan at “Glucomannan Weight Loss Supplements“); however the manufacturers of LuraLean claim that there are no impurities or enzymes found in the LuraLean product, unlike many other brand name glucomannan products sold. When LuraLean is being manufactured, impurities such as mannanase are removed unlike other glucomannan dietary supplements that have the impurities remaining and this leads to less efficacy of the supplement. Another advantage the advertising claims that LuraLean has over other glucomannan products is that it can stay viscous for 24 hours, while other dietary products only stay viscous for 3 hours before their effect dies off.

LuraLean is a glucomannan diet supplement that can help to remove some dietary fats and carbohydrates before they are digested.

LuraLean is a glucomannan diet supplement that can help to remove some dietary fats and carbohydrates before they are digested.

LuraLean does not break down as it passes via the gastrointestinal tract. Instead, LuraLean expands in the digestive system and passes through quickly; helping to both make you feel full longer and remove some dietary fats and carbohydrates before they are digested. In this way, LuraLean is a diet pill that acts as both a carb blocker and fat blocker.

The way in which LuraLean works is that once is has been consumed it enters the stomach and coagulates with the stomach liquid and swells to about 200 times the original size. The expansion makes one feel like they have had too much to eat. When the body is at a satiety state, the result is eating less food. LuraLean also acts like a magnet in that while it is in the stomach and passing through the gastrointestinal tract, it binds and attracts excess fats and carbohydrates and transports them out of the body without being digested.

One of the health benefits of LuraLean is that it acts as a cholesterol regulator. Some people who may be suffering from high blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol issues are the people most likely to experience positive health benefits when using LuraLean. LuraLean may also help to promote weight loss in some individuals. Since it helps to remove dietary fats before being digested, people whose diets are higher in fats will have the largest benefit. However, in order to lose weight all people should be changing their diets to be lower in fats and carbohydrates, thus LuraLean may only help a small proportion of dieters.

A drawback to LuraLean’s fat-blocking abilities is that it does not discriminate between good and bad fats. Healthy fats, such as omega-3 and omega-6, and fat-soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin D that is needed for calcium utilization, will be removed at the same rate as other harmful fats.

Another major con to LuraLean is the absence of an official website. When you visit LuraLean.com you go to a strange pdf that contains some rather confusing, and I’m sure very misleading, advertising. One of the biggest issues I have with LuraLean is that the advertising claims that over 60 clinical trials have been conducted with this product, costing over 20 million dollars. However, in my thorough research of this product I have found no such clinical trials published anywhere. The official “pdf” shows some graphs but doesn’t even quote the journal where the clinical trials for this research can be found. In my experience I have never quite seen an official product document so poorly done. For this reason alone, I would not trust LuraLean’s advertising claims at all. I suspect that LuraLean is simply just glucomannan, and there is nothing really too special about that. If you want to try this diet pill, just buy a glucomannan supplement instead of risking your credit card number with this company.

AHD international has also produced LuraLean Phoenix, which can be used in the beverages. LuraLean Phoenix has no flavor and becomes fully viscous after it reaches the stomach and after it has mixed or made contact with the body enzymes. My opinion of this product is exactly the same as it is for LuraLean – despite impressive sounding advertising this product is nothing special. Don’t waste your money.

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  • would you like to receive our clincial studies? please review the luralean website, not sure if you reviewed the correct site, luralean was a nutra award finalist, the highest award of any supplement in 2009, do a search for luralean nutra award, it has been reviewed by the top industry experts

  • Elizabeth

    What is the best amount of time to take luralean prior to eating a meal. I have heard 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and an hour. What amount of time would make it most effective?

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