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Weight Loss For Men

Men are more reluctant to talk about the need or wish to lose weight. Many men feel they should be the strong one, and that they are always on top of everything. That can make it hard to admit that they have to make improvements, and even worse, that they want help in doing so. Men can have a leg up when it comes to shedding pounds, but they can have issues that hinder success too.

More muscle gives men a natural advantage to losing weight compared to most women.

More muscle gives men a natural advantage to losing weight compared to most women.

Men have an advantage in weight loss that they should really focus on when they want to rid their body of excess pounds. Men, by nature, have more muscle mass, and can build more with ease in comparison to women. Men bulk up when women do not. The advantage in this is that muscle is leaner than fat, and more muscle means more calories burned in any activity. This is something men should focus on when trying to lose weight.

What does that mean? It means hitting the gym and lifting. You do not have to lift 400 pounds, but you should lift something. As you build muscle, you will notice a trimmer figure and easier weight loss. You will also feel better and you may find you have more energy when you wake up and throughout the day. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you can start out with walking and using five pound weights as resistance, and then move on to the gym as you feel ready.

Men also have to think about caloric intake in a different way than women do. There are many charts out there spelling out the ideal amount of calories needed each day to maintain steady but healthy weight loss. When men look at these, they must look at the listing for men. Some just have these counts for women. If that is the case, find a different chart. You are going to be allowed more per day than a woman of the same height and age group.

Men, like women, should always go to see a doctor before starting any type of weight loss program. This is because there could be hidden physical problems that may need to be addressed. A doctor can screen for problems, and can help with a weight loss for men program that is best suited to them. They can help with calorie intake, workout suggestions, and in some cases, medications that can be used when extra support is needed.

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