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SlimForte Diet Pills Review

SlimForte Diet Pills

SlimForte is manufactured by the same asian company that makes Lida DaiDaihua, that was found to contain potentially harmful ingredients.

The SlimForte website claims that this diet pill begins immediately in appetite suppression while increasing the body’s metabolism, causing additional fat on the body to “melt away”. However, before believing the claims made by any weight loss drug, it is wise to investigate whether or not claims made by the producers of that medication have actually been substantiated by scientific studies or reputable research.

The SlimForte website claims that a main ingredient to its drug is 5-HTP. It is assumed by this that they are referring to 5-HTP, which is a common ingredient in many diet pills that helps to boost the user’s mood in order to encourage motivation to continue with the dieting efforts. However, research has demonstrated that this ingredient does not actually contribute to weight loss in itself.

The next ingredient listed on the website is Daidaihua, which, it is claimed, will decrease the sensation of being hungry while boosting the metabolism. These claims have yet to be proven by research.

The next three ingredients are cassia, coicis seed, and mulberry leaf; none of which have ever been shown to contribute to weight loss in any way.

One ingredient that has been shown to help in losing weight and that is indeed included in the SlimForte formula is Glucomannan. It is a form of dietary fiber. However, that being said, in order for Glucomannan to effectively contribute to weight loss, between two and four grams of it must be consumed every day. Though the precise quantity of this ingredient within each Slim Forte pill has not been listed on the website, it remains very unlikely that it could contain enough of this ingredient to have any worthwhile impact on weight reduction.

As there is only one effective weight loss ingredient in SlimForte, and there are insufficient quantities of it to make any realistic contribution to any loss in body weight, this review sees no reason to believe that the drug will be of any value to someone attempting to shed extra pounds. Considering the high monthly cost of the drug and the vaguely worded 30-day guarantee, such a purchase may be ill advised.

It should also be taken into consideration that SlimForte is manufactured by the same asian company that makes Lida DaiDaihua, a diet pill that was banned by the FDA when it was discovered to be tainted with potentially harmful ingredients. Although SlimForte has not yet been reported to contain the same harmful ingredients, caution in taking this diet pill is definitely advised.

9 comments to SlimForte Diet Pills Review

  • derek

    i lost 20lbs on slim forte double power really worked for me, but to each is own, i still use it today with a diet and workout routine i will soon be just doing the routine alone and cutting out the pills.

    i got my pills from slimfortedp.com. had no major side effects just dry mouth from not drinking enough water.

    • SR

      Hey Derek,
      I agree with you – slim forte helped me loose a stubborn 15 lbs. It has now been banned however i would still like to purchase some more. Do you know where to buy them – the site i ordered from before has been shut down. I know there are a lot of knock offs – i want to be sure that i get the same orginial ones.

      any help would be appreciated.

  • randy

    can you tell me why it was banned?

  • markirose

    These pills really work! I lost a dress size in a month! Everyone is different, you have to try them for your self. Slim Forte helps to eat less. There is about 5 people I know who have tried Slim Forte and lost weight. Drink plenty of water and walk or work out. Thanks

  • markirose

    There is a good website santacruzsupplement.com. I buy Slim Forte from this site. They are the real deal! Thanks

  • Aberdeen

    My doctor recommended Slim Forte I’ve been taking the double power for over a month and have not lost one single pound or inch.

  • michelle

    I am now on my 2nd bottle of slim forte pills,within 4wks i had lost 6ins to waistline n just over half a stone.I get mine from a lady on facebook she is genuine and does good deals on them,the deal iv got this time is 3 bottles for 25 quid and the reason she can afford to keep this deal on is bcos of the amount she sold.she has got very good feedback from alot of ppl on these thats why i went through her for them.

  • Jamie-Louise

    Hi i just recieved my slim forte tablets which i also bought off of a trusted lady on facebook! i can not wait to start them tomorrow and i hope the results are as good as some off the people i have read about!

  • jessica

    do i have to do exersies with that i have two babies i really dont have time to go and do some work out but im always active at home would it helpme lose my baby fat too

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