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LipoWay Diet Pills Review

LipoWay Diet Pills Review

LipoWay Diet Pills contain a fiber called Konjac root that may help to suppress appetite if taken before a meal.

LipoWay advertises itself as diet pills that acts as a “stomach blocker” in its official marketing materials. That being said, its efficacy is exceptionally difficult to judge as, unlike many reputable weight loss supplement companies, LipoWay fails to disclose all but one of its ingredients. This ingredient, called “lipowatricol” on the website is, in fact, Konjac root fiber, which is known to be a mildly effective appetite suppressant when used in the right circumstances and in the right dose. That being said, it is not an overwhelmingly effective one and has never been shown to make more than the slightest difference – certainly not the miracle ingredient you’d think it was by reading the product website and marketing statements.

This Konjac root fiber is listed as an ingredient in many non-prescription diet pills. It does provide a small amount of appetite suppression as it combines with water in order to create a mass of gel-like substance so that the stomach is fooled into thinking that it is full. This being said, it is important to consume a great deal of water along with konjac root in order for it to be effective, otherwise it will not be able to properly create that artificial full feeling.

LipoWay’s manufacturer, MicroNutra says that this product will also help to better a person’s regularity. It is safe to assume that taking LipoWay diet pills will help with regularity as Konjac root fiber is exactly that, a source of fiber.

One favorable feature about LipoWay is that it does include a ninety day money-back guarantee, which is quite a bit better than the typical thirty day guarantee that is often seen within this industry. That being said, it is only possible to return up to one bottle that has already been opened, and it is not permitted to return a bottle in under thirty days. After thirty days, you are required to obtain an authorization number to return any unopened product and up to one opened bottle of the drug for a refund of the cost of the product (though no refund is provided for the shipping cost or the return shipping cost).

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