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Concerta Use for Weight Loss

For many people, weight loss is a priority and they will do just about anything to make weight loss possible. But this is not always the best choice. Some people just want to find the pill that guarantees weight loss that’s immediate and long, but this pill does not seem to exist just yet. However, some people have found that certain medications initially not intended for helping one to lose weight, can help facilitate weight loss coincidentally. One of these medications is Concerta, which is an ADHD medication that has been shown to have weight loss as a side effect.

Concerta Use for Weight Loss

Many people taking Concerta also find that the medication decreases appetite, leading to weight loss in some users.

Concerta is a medication that’s prescribed in children, teens, and some adults to help with the symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This medication helps to calm a person down, allowing them to focus on projects ahead of them so that they can be more effective in their everyday lives and assignments. The medication only has to be taken once a day, making it convenient and long lasting.

Many people taking Concerta also find that the medication decreases appetite, leading to weight loss in some users. Though this is not the intention in taking Concerta, some people have begun to abuse the medication in order to lose weight, taking many pills each day to slim down.

In truth, you can lose weight if you take Concerta and you have appetite suppression as a side effect – but not everyone does. Some people simply take the pill, become more focused, and that’s all they experience. If you do lose weight with Concerta, there will be some troubles along the way. First of all, you will only lose weight as you take the medication, so you may need to stay on the medication for a long period of time. Some doctors will not continue to prescribe the medication for weight loss, so you might have troubles continuing to get the medication. In addition, you may need to take more Concerta as your body adjusts to the medication and needs more in order to get the same results.

It’s always a better idea to start with diet and exercise first before resorting to diet pills or prescription drugs like Concerta to lose weight. Look at the way you are living and make small, healthy changes to your lifestyle. You may find that you can easily control your weight in this way. Start by slowly cutting down on the food you are eating and increasing the time you spend on exercise. By doing these two things together, you will be able to see results more quickly and you will foster long term healthy habits.

Losing weight is possible when you are taking Concerta, but you may want to look into other options first before you ask your doctor for a prescription. In many cases, lifestyle changes are more effective – they don’t have harmful side effects and can be maintained over the long term.

3 comments to Concerta Use for Weight Loss

  • Sabrina

    I have a friend who uses concerta as a weight loss pill, she gets them from my other friend who gets them prescribed from a doctor..I just want to ask, is it healthy for her to use them even though she doesn’t have ADHD or anything related to it.. Shes just trying to loose weight off them..

  • Kathleen

    No it is not healthy, I take it for ADHD and the side effect list is scary, and also it,s not gonna help her lose weight permanently, she’ll just end up starving herself while on it (it does decrease appetite) but then as soon as she stops she’ll gain every pound back because starving yourself destroys your metabolism. Tell her to smarten up and just go to the gym and eat healthy,it’s not rocket science and the cold hard reality is there is no magic pill out there to make you skinny

  • Julia

    I just got a new Dr and when he went through my medication list he came in the rm telling what I could not or would not prescribe for me and the last thing he said was he couldn’t give me a diet pill. I did not know that folk try concerta to lose weight. I argued him down about me not taking a diet pill. I was like I’m only 140Lbs why would I want that. But since it has been mentioned the only take it for focusing issues. As the article stated you need to be careful bc after so long you’re body needs a higher dose. That affect I did feel.

    When my insurance changed and I could no longer see my Dr I began to experience the withdrawals. I take a lot of medication and that was the first time I’ve experienced that feeling. It was horrible!!!! I had to literally do mind over matter just to make it for about 2 months. I’m back on it now but I am being careful in how I use it. But dieting won’t be one of the reasons I need it.

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