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HealthSlim Review

HealthSlim is a weight loss drug that is manufactured by a company called MicroNutra Health, which also offers many other weight loss products on their website, as well as nutrition (both general and targeted) products, beauty care products, and intimate care products. HealthSlim is designated by MicroNutra Health as one of its weight control products and they claim that it boosts your energy while it “supports” healthy weight loss and betters the functioning of your metabolism.

HealthSlim diet pills contain all-natural ingredients.

The HealthSlim formula is made up of all natural ingredients, for which the official HealthSlim website does not list any side effects. In fact, the website goes to the extent that it claims that there are no side effects to taking the drug at all.

The official HealthSlim website itself isn’t very showy, but it does reveal a full copy of the label of the product, including its full ingredient list which includes Vitamin B6, Pantothenic Acid, Chromium, Potassium, Choline bitartrate, L-Carnitite fumarate, Inositol powder, Di-methionine, Lipase, fungal, and Betaine. These ingredients are extremely common within many different kinds of weight loss medication. Though the quantities of each ingredient in this formula are not listed, nothing in the list suggests that this drug will be superior to any of a few dozen other similar weight loss medications already available for a lower price.

The website makes several mentions of the full money-back refund available which is available within the first ninety days, which is impressive when compared to many other weight loss medications which offer a satisfaction guarantee of only thirty days – if any at all.

This being said, the HealthSlim product itself starts at $47 per bottle of sixty pills when ordered from the official website. Considering that the recommended dosage (which is not listed on the main website) is to take one capsule thirty minutes before each of your three main meals, the sixty pills won’t last you a full month – making it quite an expensive weight loss program.

Though the website does claim that you should be following an exercise plan in order to get the greatest value out of HealthSlim, the website does not give any examples of what is considered to be a suitable exercise plan.

Even if the drug does work and boosts the metabolism and energy levels, it fails to provide an appetite suppressant, which continues to make it challenging for dieters to try to start a habit of eating smaller portions and remaining satisfied, without hunger pains, for longer lengths of time.

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