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Happy Pills Brain Pharma Review

Happy Pills, manufactured by Brain Pharma, are a type of diet supplement available without a prescription that has taken on a relatively unique marketing angle. They say that their formula boosts the sensation of positive feelings, as well as energy levels and the rate of the metabolism, making weight loss much easier. This is a much rarer tack than many that are currently used.

happy pills review

Happy Pills by Brain Pharma rely on the use of Vitamin B's to promote a feeling of well-being.

There are many ingredients within the Happy Pills formula and the manufacturer has released the contents of the proprietary blend. Happy Pills rely heavily of Vitamin B12’s ability to improve mood and sense of well-being, providing 13333% percent of your daily intake of this vitamin in one serving. The other ingredients include vitamin D3, niacinamide, vitamin B6, folic acid, selenium, arginine AKG, St. Johns Wort, caffeine anhydrous, 5HTP and N-acetyl-L-tyrosine.

As mentioned, Vitamin B12, as well as Vitamin B6, are the primary active ingredients in Brain Pharma Happy Pills. Although the percentages of these ingredients in each serving sound impressive it is important to note that both of these vitamins are water soluble. What this means is that anything in excess of what your body needs is just peed out the next time you go to the washroom.

The manufacturer also claims that Brain Pharma Happy Pills can increase stamina and boost sex drive. It is possible that if you feel happier you will want to get funky more often, but the formula itself does not contain any ingredients that are known to improve libido.

Happy Pills do contain some ingredients that may help with weight loss, such as caffeine and 5HTP. These are both contained in lower dosages so the effects may not be significant enough for you to see the fat melt away, but you should still get a noticeable boost in energy.

Overall, Brain Pharma Happy Pills appear to be better suited for college students wanting a little pick-me-up before an exam than a diet pill that will help someone to lose weight. However, at a price at around $30 +S/H for a month’s supply Happy Pills are a steep price for what the formula contains. If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of Vitamin B’s you can buy a bottle of Vitamin B Complex for much cheaper and follow it up with a cup of coffee or tea. The effect will be very similar, but without the expensive price tag.

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  • John L

    Happy Pills ingredients were once very good for my day-to-day use for making me happy and less aggressive until the product recently was modified when the manufacturer took out AKG and arginine and inserted Huperzine and SAMe. Huperzine has been shown to help with aspects of memory, which is great! However, SAMe (depending on person to person) can make some people(like me) think rather irrationally! Yes, I felt more aggressive and delusional when I was taking the product moreso than happy. Just a warning for those who are wanting to try this product. I think if you are, your best bet is to use it when you are going to be studying for a class by yourself. Being around people just made me into a bull. Keep that in mind if you decide to purchase it.

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