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Zenalean Pro Reviews

zenalean pro diet pills

Zenalean Pro diet pills are supplements which are marketed to help take pounds off quickly with the use of ephedra and other stimulants.

Zenalean Pro diet pills by Fast Action Pharma, which is now Nutra Costal are supplements which are marketed to help take pounds off quickly and easily. Though highly advertised, Zenalean is not on the manufacturer’s website. There are many strong ingredients in this product, but the topic of controversy that seems to surround the formula is whether or not the potential safety and side effect issues surrounding these ingredients outweighs their possible benefits.

Zenalean Pro ingredients include Ma Huang (ephedra), guarana, bitter orange (synephrine), vitamin B, white willow bark, l-tyrosine, acetyl-l-carnitine and green tea. These are all very common ingredients in many non-prescription, including ephedra which is no longer legal for production or sale in the United States, Canada, and many other countries.

Though guarana extract has had some promising results in clinical studies in terms of helping with weight loss, this has only occurred when it has been used in combination with Damiana and Yerba Mate; neither of which are found in the Zenalean Pro formula. It is therefore the opinion of this review that the guarana extract within this product will not help its users to lose weight.

Ephedra and ephedrine alkaloids are very effective in helping people to lose weight, but its side effects can be very dangerous, even risking death. It has been banned by the FDA, Health Canada, and many other national health organizations around the world. This drug may be illegal in your area, but is certainly very risky to take.

Bitter Orange has had some positive reviews in terms of weight loss, but it has also seen many negative reviews in terms of side effects. The Mayo Clinic rates this ingredient as not having shown sufficient evidence to be considered effective, but that it is possibly unsafe to take.

L-tyrosine has shown some evidence that when taken in very large doses (500 to 1500 mg per day) it may help with weight loss. It is very unlikely that there is enough of this ingredient in Zenalean to make the slightest difference.

Green tea extract has been shown in some studies to help dieters when they take 300 mg or more every day. As there is only 100 mg of green tea extract in Zenalean, there is not enough to help with weight loss.

The other ingredients in the proprietary blend, white willow bark extract and acetyl- L-carnitine, are not known to have any contribution toward weight loss.

When compared to other similar drugs on the market, the current price of $34.95 for 120 capsules (about a month’s supply) is not tremendously high, though when considering the highly dangerous potential of the side effects of Zenalean Pro, the savings in pennies may not be worth the risk to the health.

It is the opinion of this review that though there may be a slight potential that Zenalean Pro diet pills could help with weight loss, most of its ingredients would not contribute to a healthy diet plan and several could potentially do far more harm than good.

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