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Bydureon Weight Loss

bydureon diabetes medication

In clinical trials, Bydureon appeared to suppress appetite, leading to weight loss.

Though this prescription diabetes medication was not designed for dieting, Bydureon weight loss has been known to occur as a side effect. The drug is available only by prescription and is meant to help treat some individuals who have Type 2 Diabetes. It should not be used for any purpose but the treatment of this condition, unless instructed by a licensed doctor.

Bydureon weight loss was observed in clinical trials, where individuals taking the drug were inclined to eat less than they had prior to using it. What was found was that three quarters of all patients who used this medication experienced a slow and gradual decrease in body mass. The average rate of loss was 5 pounds over a span of 24 weeks. It is easy to see that though there was some weight reduced through the use of this medicine, it was certainly not a rapid process. Moreover, even if you are taking it, it remains important that a nutritious diet including reasonable food portions be observed.

A meal plan is generally recommended while this drug is being taken. This is not only to help to achieve weight loss, but when a meal plan is combined with regular physical activity, it can also help to naturally improve cholesterol numbers, blood pressure levels, and blood sugar readings.

When your doctor prescribes the drug Bydureon, weight loss may also be encouraged by referring you to a dietitian, who will be able to discus dieting with you and what type of meal plan you should be using to achieve those weight goals.

After initially being rejected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Bydureon diabetes medication, which goes by the generic name of exenatide, was finally approved on January 27, 2012. It is currently manufactured by Alkermes plc, and Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. This approval made it the first Type 2 Diabetes treatment that needs to be administered only one time per week (by way of an extended release suspension that is injected). The drug itself is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist. It is meant to be prescribed along with a diet and exercise program that has been specifically designed to better the patient’s glycemic control.

This drug may not be recommended for individuals who have a personal or family history of thyroid cancer – particularly medullary thyroid cancer or Neoplasia syndrome type 2 – as it can increase the risk of those conditions as well as thyroid tumors.

2 comments to Bydureon Weight Loss

  • wendi moore

    A good friend just told me that she lost 20lbs using Bydureon and that I should try this product. I am not diabetic. Can I safely take this product, without possible side effects.

  • Bob

    Bydureon is great! I’m loosing weight and not having to use as much of other meds. for diabetes which was making me gain weight. I hope it continues.

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