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How Fiber Fights Hunger So You Eat Less and Lose More

fiber fights hunger for weight loss

Weight loss and hunger don’t have to be synonymous when you eat a diet rich in fiber.

Fiber has been touted as a great way to encourage waste elimination. But it holds far more value than that. For one, fiber fights hunger. It will lower bad cholesterol fast and ensure you are keeping the triglycerides at bay as well. Here we will explain the role that fiber has in weight loss as well as the two types of fiber so you have a firmer knowledge of what it entails.

What are the two types of fiber?

Water insoluble Fiber: It is found in plant based foods. This is the type of fiber that helps encourage elimination as well.

Soluble Fiber: This represents 1/3 of all fiber you should be eating. It is found in cereals and grains.

What foods contain the most fiber?

Cereals, grains, seeds and starches: Any one cup cooked hot whole grain cereal and cold cereal will do the trick—just make sure you read the label for the amount of fiber—it should be high on the list.

Legumes and beans: These are a tremendous form of fiber that you need to balance blood glucose, give you energy and also boost metabolism. Beans in any form are great. It is always best to buy dried and organic but if your budget or time and money doesn’t allow—it’s always good to have a variety of canned red, black and white starchy beans.

Fruits and vegetables: These are at the lower end but are still awesome for feeling full, eliminating waste from the gut and clearing bloat.

So how does fiber get you to actually lose weight?

Mostly it is what it prevents and cleanses that helps you lose weight. Fiber fights hunger in the gut. It is where this natural substance works the best. 10 grams of fiber and 20 minutes of vigorous exercise will make an enormous difference—this from the latest studies done by (CARDIA).

Belly fat is attributed to two things—cortisol which is a stress hormone and lack of enough fiber intake. So staying de-stressed and eating fiber to feel full can reduce weight gain and with exercise it will shed the pounds for you. This is true for all over body weight but belly fat is the most affected by diets with the most fiber. So you see, fiber fights hunger, but it also has a plethora of other health benefits too.

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