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The Biggest Diet Scams of The Decade

biggest diet scams of the decade

Don’t ever fall for the biggest diet scams like the ones that tell you to only eat one thing.

Though we want to believe with all our hearts that they will work, the ugly truth is that these are the biggest diet scams out there. In an industry where cash is king and there is always a new gimmick, you are sure to find plenty of ideas and fads that sound great on the surface.

We want to believe that the way to lose weight and change our bodies is to change up just one factor, but really it’s more about a healthy lifestyle. So if you have fallen prey to some of the biggest diet scams you are not alone—but it’s time to be wise to know what is working against you and why these ideas will never succeed!

The Cabbage Soup Diet: The idea here is that if you eat nothing but cabbage soup all day you will lose the weight quickly and easily. The thing is that you are focusing on a cruciferous vegetable which means a lot of fiber, so that part alone may be helpful. However you are not going to go your entire life eating just this, and so it’s flawed from the start. Any diet that asks you to eat nothing but one food is considered to be a scam. You will always end up eating other foods as you move forward, and this will inevitably mean that you gain the weight back quickly.

The Fat and Carb Blocking Pill: This has to be one of the biggest diet scams out there because it’s just not a good buy. You take this pill before meals and it quickly blocks out all fat and carbs so that you don’t digest them. That’s a tricky pill and the results are almost impossible—because they are! Even if something like this was meant to work or possible, you would also be robbing yourself of some vital nutrients that you need to survive. You need some carbs and some fat, and so this was a pill that was never intended to last for the long term.

Kimkins: We’ve seen some merit to the Atkins diet because cutting out certain carbs can be a great way to change your body. The Kimkins diet however tells you to cut out all carbs, and also reducing calories, fat, and fiber. So what you are left with? A diet that promotes eating as little as 600 calories per day—and that’s not only flawed but unhealthy. This is not only one of the worst and biggest diet scams, but an unsafe and unhealthy way to live as well.

Diet Patches: Though a tobacco patch may work, a diet patch won’t. You aren’t going to block anything or magically zap calories away. This is a silly hoax and looks ridiculous, so consider this one of the biggest diet scams out there. You aren’t gaining any benefit as a patch isn’t going to release anything into your system that will magically help you to start dropping the weight. Stay away from this one at all costs because it’s truly a scam and highly ineffective!

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