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Dangerous Diet Pill Ingredients Exposed

dangerous diet pill ingredients exposed

Certain products are known to have dangerous diet pill ingredients. Knowing what to look for keeps you safe.

What you don’t know can hurt you and that’s why understanding the most dangerous diet pill ingredients is imperative. If you plan on taking diet pills at any point in time, even if you are in perfectly good health, then you need to be an informed consumer.

It is because of these ingredients that so many diet pills have gotten a bad name. Though there are some safe alternatives out there such as Phentramin-D, there are also far too many diet pills that you should stay away from. So what make up the worst ingredients out there? It’s time to examine these so that we can be sure to stay away from them for better health.

The first of the most dangerous diet pill ingredients is by far ephedra. There was a big push for this ingredient to be used a few years back, and that’s because the side effects either weren’t well understood or weren’t communicated well. Though it may seem as though ephedra offers phenomenal appetite control and keeps you eating the right portions, it also poses a serious risk. Ephedra has been associated with a whole list of dangerous side effects such as seizures, irregular heartbeat, and even stroke or heart attack. The same holds true for bitter orange which is believed to offer the same type of risks.

Know What You Are Getting and Make Good Choices

Another one of the most dangerous diet pill ingredients is guarana. This is an herb that many turned to in the past for a variety of reasons. It was believed to be a safe and healthier alternative to caffeine, and so its use in diet pills made perfect sense. This ingredient has been linked to irregular heartbeats and can also trigger seizures. So not only should it be avoided in diet pills, but also as an herbal supplement as well. The benefits do not outweigh the risks!

One of the most dangerous diet pill ingredients that you may not have heard of is guar gum. This seems innocent enough as it’s not usually the first ingredient, but it can really hurt you. This can cause gastrointestinal blockage—and ultimately this can lead to death! Avoid this to keep yourself healthy and safe, and opt for a much better diet pill option such as Phentramin-D. It’s important to know what you are getting, and to stay away from the dangerous diet pill ingredients always.

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