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Sports and Activities That Burn Massive Calories Per Hour

burn massive calories per hour with these exercises

Activities such as hiking or mountain climbing are an excellent way to burn massive calories per hour.

When you diet, you know that exercise is a great part of it. No one really likes to do it so when we take it up we like to look for activities that burn massive calories per hour rather than sit in the gym and agonize through yet another set of sit ups.

The activities that burn massive calories per hour:

The activities that burn the most calories in the shortest period of time are listed here. Most people think its all cardio, cardio and more cardio but it is more than that. The exercises that burn massive calories per hour will be activities that work the largest muscles in your body. There is a fascination with running and jogging and this will help you lose weight but studies now show that it also brings you to a plateau faster as well and you could end up having a stagnant metabolism.

The best fat burning exercises:

The best fat burners are the fun ones–that’s the good news. If you like athletics and a bit of a challenge–then a great fat burning activity could be rock climbing! Rock climbing works all the large muscles and requires your body to burn massive calories per hour. The next best one that uses all the major muscles in the body is swimming! This is an all-around sport and can be done several times a week.

Another favorite is to join a team and maybe play some soccer or football–notice we didn’t say softball. That is because the way to burn massive calories per hour is to keep the heart rate up and that takes a sport in which running and movement is done the majority of the time. This is very important for fat burning as you need to raise that heart rate for 20 minutes. Doing it this way is better than doing an aerobics class.

If you are in an area that you can hike then that is a great one, and how about mountain bike trails. They are fun and challenging. If that is too hot to trot for you then take up a hobby sport–just make sure its more like tennis than golf.

The point of certain exercise is to sustain heart rate and get your body to burn as many calories per hour as possible. That means exercise to burn massive calories per hour by sustained movement!

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