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Crank Up Your Energy and Metabolism With These Complex Carb Foods

complex carb foods for better health

Complex carb foods such as broccoli provide longer lasting energy and more nutrients than simple carbs such as potatoes.

When we are dieting and even when we aren’t and just want to eat healthier–we have a tendency to get confused between good fat and bad fat as well as good carbs and bad carbs. We will touch on complex carb foods here because these are what you need to convert food into energy for your workouts and overall energy–period.

Fruits and vegetables are complex carb foods and are great for energy but some have simple carbs which contains glucose and that should probably be taken less than the complex carbs that are used for energy.

Some of the most common are potatoes, although we would still recommend a sweet potato rather than a starchy russet–they tend to convert to sugar quicker. Carrots are a great source of complex carbs as well as cucumbers, radishes and asparagus. There are quite a few of them but all you need to remember is green and also green and leafy.

Whole grains and pasta stuffs are also a great source of complex carb foods but it is recommended that less is more on the pasta end. Now, whole grain pasta is a peach! That substitute will do just fine.

Nuts legumes and seeds:

These are some of the best choices and here is why. When you eat these three things you are getting protein and good fats as well. You are giving your body and brain food for energy and you are also giving it protein to repair muscle after workouts and giving your brain function a boost as well as your metabolism.

Dairy products are not the best way to get the complex carbs you need but the low fat variety and the yogurts, soy milk and soy products would be the best way and you should be adding dairy to the mix anyway for the calcium and vitamins that assist complex carbs for energy.

There are a lot of ways to deal with getting your fill of complex carb foods and a lot of good combinations.The key here is balance–because protein and good fats are what is needed at the same time because they work in tandem in the body. One without the other is kind of useless. You can also use organic super foods that do all of the above such as hemp which is the only plant that gives you complex carbs, and all the protein your body will ever need such as omega 3 and 6 as well as amino acids. Chia seeds that you drink or eat are also great for omegas and energy. There are tribes of people that will drink them all day and run all day–literally–this is how they were discovered! There are so many simple and easy ways to incorporate complex carb foods into our daily diet.

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