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Do Hoodia Diet Pills Really Help You Feel Full?

effectiveness of hoodia diet pills

Hoodia diet pills have not been proven effective in any scientific studies as of yet.

Hoodia Diet Pills have recently become popular in the diet market, especially after the ban of Ephedra. Much of the hype on hoodia comes from an old story about how the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert ate hoodia to ward off thirst and hunger. They used to cut off the stem and eat the plant, this kept them satisfied while they hunted. Hoodia grows in the deserts in angola, namibia, botswana, and south africa. Hoodia resembles a cactus, and grows in clumps of green upright stems.

Alot of the North America hype comes from a TV host traveling to Africa to try this hoodia for herself. She said it was not bad and reported not wanting to eat or drink after she tried it. She also did not have any side effects. Hoodia diet pills however, have not been linked to either of these things. Hoodia Diet pills may not really help you feel full and it is tough to know if you are getting the real deal or not. About 80% of hoodia products turn out to be either fake or contaminated.

If you can find authentic Hoodia Diet Pills, they do appear to suppress the appetite. Not only do they affect the appetite, they also affect thirst as well. It has been thought that people in Africa who ate Hoodia to get rid of hunger pains may have died of thirst, but that is just speculation. It is also speculated that someone who takes hoodia may not eat enough and cause someones blood sugar to drop dangerously low. It is a precaution that pregnant or nursing women, children, or teenagers not take these pills.

Hoodia may also be linked to unwanted side effects on the liver as well as kidney disease. Dieters should take precautions when taking hoodia as it is unknown what all the long term side effects could be. You should talk to your doctor before taking hoodia. When looking into buying hoodia it is important to check out ratings and reviews of both the product and the seller.

Overall, it appears that the actual hoodia plant itself does in fact have hunger controlling capabilities, but the question still remains as to whether or not the diet pills have the same effects. In any case, be sure to combine diet pills with proper exercise and nutrition for optimum results.

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