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Why Dr. Oz’s Weight Loss Claims Are Under Investigation

Dr. Oz's Weight Loss Claims

Dr. Oz’s weight loss claims are under investigation.

There are many weight-loss products that are advertised on television. Most of them promise exceptional results and many of them deliver. On the other hand, there are some products that promise a lot yet fall short. Sufficient scientific research is needed to make sure that […]

Beware of Bee Pollen Weight Loss Products

Bee Pollen weight loss products

Bee pollen weight loss products can be dangerous.

There are numerous weight-loss supplements available on the market today. Most of these weight loss supplements are safe to use and are available over the counter. They also deliver the results you expect. Bee pollen weight loss products fall into this category. There is a […]

What Do Consumers Have to Say about Non-Prescription Diet Pills like Phentramin-D?

Diet Pills like Phentramin-D

Phentramin-D is one of the many weight loss pills that you can purchase over the counter. If you need to lose some excess weight, but your doctor has told you that you are not the right type of patient for a prescription diet pill, or you just don’t want to take a prescription that […]