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What You Should Do If Diet Pills Make You Jittery

Do Diet Pills Make You Jittery

There are some things that you can do when diet pills make you jittery.

There is no doubt that diet pills have various side effects. But you need to keep in mind that the side effects that one experiences depend on a variety of factors. There is no telling how a person’s body will react to consuming prescription drugs. Caffeine products make some people feel jittery while others merely feel energetic. This is the reason you should take care when using any weight-loss diet pill. There are many people who feel jittery after taking diet pills. This is a rather uncomfortable feeling, which you should try to curb. Let’s look at what you should do if diet pills make you jittery.

Avoid Consumption Right Before Bedtime

Almost every other diet pill contains caffeine extracts. Caffeine has a fat-burning effect. It causes the glucose stored in the body as fat to be released in the bloodstream. When this happens, you feel a sudden rush of energy.

If you consume diet pills, be sure to consume them during the day. Preferably, you should consume the diet pill in the morning. It will provide you an energy boost that will help you go about your daily routine.

But you should avoid consuming diet pills before bedtime at all costs. This is because a diet pill will give you energy that will keep you from sleeping and will make you jittery instead. Be sure to consume any weight-loss tablets at least eight hours before bedtime if diet pills make you jittery.

Reduce the Prescribed Dosage

Most over-the-counter diet pills specify a dosage on the packaging. This dosage should be followed to the last detail. But if these diet pills make you jittery, you should consider reducing the dose. The best thing to do is to reduce the dose by half. If you feel better, stick to it. This is when you should increase the dose, but gradually. This should take some time, but eventually you will get used to the diet pills. This technique works most of the time. However, if you still feel jittery after consuming these pills, you should check to see if you are consuming them properly. If not, you should get help from a doctor.

Contact Your Doctor

There are many prescription and non-prescription diet pills that can make you feel jittery. Regardless of whether you are feeling jittery after consuming a prescription or a non-prescription drug, you should contact your doctor. At times, diet pills can cause serious adverse effects. A doctor may not only be able to diagnose the issue but also provide a safe weight-loss drug or alternative to you.

If you feel jittery when using diet pills, be sure to use these tips to curb the side effects.

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