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Countdown to the Healthiest Egg Brands

Healthiest Egg Brands Countdown

Let the Healthiest Egg Brands Countdown Begin!

Just because an egg has been given an AA or A grade, it doesn’t mean that it is among the healthiest egg brands your supermarket has to offer. Surprisingly, there are many different factors to consider when choosing the best eggs to serve to yourself and your family.

The healthiest egg brands have made a concerted effort to ensure that their products are the result of humane treatment of the chickens and are as dense with nutrition as possible. They avoid stressing chickens, feeding them with cheap feed, or raising them in a factory farm setting. The reason is that, aside from humane treatment motivators, chickens raised in those less-than-ideal settings produce eggs that have watery whites and looser yolks. This also decreases the flavor in your recipes and nutrition your body receives from eating them.

That said, the what the healthiest egg brands do is pasture-raise their hens, allowing them to feed not only on a higher quality food but also forage for grass and insects. This supplements the chicken’s diet to provide dark, thick and rich yolks and clear, viscous whites which have an improved flavor, texture and nutrient content.

Among the top brands for healthy eggs are:

5. Vital Farms

This company is based in Texas and has pasture-raised chickens that produce organic eggs. They are sold across the United States for about $8 per dozen.

4. Coyote Creek Farm

The hens are carefully raised in lush pastures that are regularly dosed with compost tea to keep their fields naturally fertilized for the most nutritious chicken feed possible. Additional, daily-ground grains are fed do the chickens from the farm’s own organic feed mill. The eggs are sold in Southwest states for about $6 per dozen.

3. Handsome Brook Farm

This farm’s hens are pastured on a number of family-run East Coast Farms that produce organic eggs. This farm also runs a geothermal bed-and-breakfast. Their eggs are available in most states in a couple of large grocery chains for about $6 per dozen.

2. Pete and Gerry’s

This was the first egg company to have received a humane animal treatment certification. It also has B-Corps certification and is among the larger free-range egg producers with organic products. They are widely available at supermarkets along the East Coast for about $5.50 per dozen.

1. Common Good Farm

The hens from this farm are not only pasture raised they also live on a biodynamic farm. It is located in Raymond, Nebraska and embraces traditional practices designed to be good for both the land and the chickens alike. The hens eat organic grain ground on location, as well as vegetable scraps to round out their nutrition. The eggs are sold in specialty locations and farmers’ markets for about $5 per dozen.

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