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Everything You Know is Wrong: You’ll Likely Never Need a Liver Detox Diet or Cleanse

A lot people go on a liver detox diet or a cleanse of some sort or another, thinking that they are doing something beneficial for their entire body, as well as their weight. However, when it comes to what you know about liver detox diets or cleanses, you might be completely wrong. Continue reading […]

New Study Shows Ordering Your Lunch Ahead of Hunger Reduces Overeating

Trick Reduces Overeating

Order ahead of hunger to reduce the calories you consume for lunch.

Recent research has determined that you might have more success with cutting back on your daily caloric intake if you end up ordering your lunch before you even start feeling hungry. Keep reading to learn about how this new study shows […]

What Every Women Needs to Know About Weight Loss

About Weight Loss for women

Weight loss for women is both diet and exercise. Both are needed to make a lasting change.

It is a general perception that women are more concerned about their weight as compared to men, and for good reason. Fair or unfair, women are subjected to higher levels of scrutiny as far as their […]

Why the FTC Shut Down Sale Slash and Purists Choice Weight Loss Companies

Weight Loss Companies

Get all of the facts about these weight loss companies so you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

The Federal Trade Commission has had its hands full with complaints registered against weight loss companies that were making false claims about their products and the results they can deliver. The companies in question […]

The Importance of Proper Hydration When Taking Diet Pills

Getting proper hydration is key to losing weight safely when taking diet pills.

There is always a great importance of proper hydration, but especially when taking diet pills in any form. Whenever you make a change in your lifestyle, eating habits, or general well being, hydration becomes especially important.

As you go through […]

Bydureon Weight Loss

bydureon diabetes medication

When your doctor prescribes the drug Bydureon, weight loss may also be encouraged by referring you to a dietitian, who will be able to discus dieting with you. […]

Contrave Weight Loss Drug Pending FDA Approval


Contrave weight loss drug promotes weight loss by affecting the neurological factors responsible for obesity, instead of trying to alter metabolism or suppress the appetite. […]

Concerta Use for Weight Loss

Many people taking Concerta also find that the medication decreases appetite, leading to weight loss in some users. […]

Hydroxycut Complete 7-Day Cleanse Recalled

The FDA and Health Canada have issued warnings against all Hydroxycut products, specifically the Hydroxycut 7-Day Cleanse, which has been recalled in Canada. […]

Weight Loss Using Colostrum Supplements

Colostrum supplements are becoming popular for weight loss because of their abilities to enhance fat metabolism. […]