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by Diet Pill Center on November 16, 2016

PrimiTrim reviews
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PrimiTrim is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that makes astounding claims about its effectiveness. In fact, the opening description of the product on the official website claims that its users report a weekly weight loss of between 1 and 6 pounds. On the lower end of that scale, the weight loss would be healthy and believable if it was the result of the use of this product combined with proper eating and exercising. However, the upper end of that range represents an extremely high and potentially unhealthy rate of weight loss that is rather difficult to believe.

It’s important to have a closer look at what PrimiThin is all about before deciding that it will or will not work as promised. This diet pill is meant to “gradually and safely” promote fat loss. It claims to accomplish this by making the user feel more full from consuming a smaller amount of food, by blocking the absorption of fat and by decreasing the user’s stress levels.

It directly states that it causes fat to be lost, not just water weight. That is a promising point as many diet pills simply cause the body’s tissues to lose some of their fluids, tricking the user into thinking they are losing fat when they are actually experiencing temporary water loss.

At the time of the writing of this review, the ingredients listed on the product package included: Rhododendron Caucasicum, Rhodiola Rosea, Panax Ginseng, Astragalus, as well as Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12.

Through this formula, the manufacturer promises the pill will help to block fat from being digested by your body without losing fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamin D and vitamin E). It also claims to stimulate muscular and liver fat burning, block the synthesis of triglycerides while inhibiting cholesterol and fat. It increases energy levels and physical endurance while supporting the mood to combat fatigue and depression. It is also meant to help ease muscular pain, boost capillary stability and decrease venous disruption. Equally, it claims to inhibit hyaluronidase activities, decrease inflammatory biomarker activity, boost insulin sensitivity and raise liver cell ATP production.

Unfortunately, among all those vast claims it has not provided any scientific evidence that they have been shown to be effective in actual human studies. This product has not been medically studied and proven in a report published in a peer reviewed medical journal. Moreover, the majority of its ingredients are in the preliminary stages of weight loss research, at best.

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