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by Diet Pill Center on November 14, 2017

Ultra Omega Burn review
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Ultra Omega Burn is an over the counter weight loss supplement that markets itself as being revolutionary. The official website for the product claims it is based on cutting edge research on fat cells and the very latest understanding of the way fat works in the body.

This product’s site explains that fat cells aren’t just isolated entities unto themselves. They are parts of a greater whole and they “talk” to each other through receptors on their surfaces that are capable of sending and receiving certain signals. These signals include indicators to either store fat for later use as energy, or to release fat to be used as energy. According to the website, this product was designed to play a role in those signals by telling the cells to release fat so that it can be burned off as energy.

Moreover, it also claims that Ultra Omega Burn helps to reduce insulin resistance as it sustains normal blood glucose levels and “blocks 96% of arterial plaque” in addition to reducing bad cholesterol levels by 11 percent. All this without having to make any dietary or exercise changes.

Even if you were to believe everything that the site said about Ultra Omega Burn up until the end, a big red flag should have raised the moment it stated that diet and exercise changes are not required.

The site goes on to quote doctors and talk about studies conducted by researchers at Harvard University, however at no point does it actually show that the Ultra Omega burn formula has been studied as a whole or that the individual ingredients are proven to reduce body fat in a way that would be considered acceptable by the medical community. The reason they have not provided that information is because, despite all the medical and science references, the product is not proven.

While being unproven doesn’t mean that it won’t work, it also shows that the marketers for this product are willing to take some rather dubious actions to suggest that there is a great deal more science behind this diet pill than there actually is. With that and the fact that they suggest that this product can be successfully used even without changing diet and exercise habits, it is highly recommended that a doctor be consulted before purchasing this product, let alone using it. It is very unlikely that any doctor would agree with the claims made on this website.

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