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5 of the Easiest Ways to Lose Weight

Easiest Ways to Lose Weight

Simply switching to water as your main beverage of choice can save you hundreds of calories and is one of the easiest ways to lose weight.

You do not necessarily have to go on a restrictive diet and starve yourself if you want to lose weight. Believe it or not, there are plenty of easy ways to drop the extra pounds. Here are some of the easiest ways to lose weight:

1. Quit Sugary Beverages and Switch to Water
Even a cup of tea or coffee, or a morning smoothie contains at least 100 calories. This is one of the reasons why you should switch to water. If you are feeling hungry, beverages such as fruit drinks and sport drinks will not satisfy your cravings anyway so it is best that you consume a healthy snack instead. Switch to water or flavored water. You can infuse some of your favorite fruits in a jug of water overnight and drink it in the morning.

Water contains zero calories and is also low on sodium and carbs. Other beverages may contain high amounts of sugar, sodium and carbohydrates, causing you to gain weight even when you haven’t eaten anything else. Water is the perfect drink to lose weight so on a hot day when you need to feel refreshed, just have a glass of cold water and add lemon wedges or mint leaves.

2. Do Cardio Everyday
You do not have to follow an intense workout routine to lose weight. Almost any workout that gets your heart racing will help you burn calories. Doing cardio for at least 30 minutes a day is one of the easiest ways to lose weight. It will help you burn about 300 calories. Incorporate interval training or consider taking part in a sport you really enjoy, such as cycling.

3. Make a Small Food Sacrifice
You do not have to cut back on all your favorite snacks. Cut down on only a single indulgence, such as potato chips or a chocolate dessert which you cannot live without. Eliminating even a single unhealthy food from your diet can subtract hundreds of calories from your diet every week. This results in lower production of fat and promotes weight loss.

4. Drink Coffee before Your Workout
This is the only exception to the ‘stick to water’ rule. Despite its calorie content, coffee boosts productivity and helps you work out more. Most people like to have a cup of coffee right before they go to work so that they feel more productive and alert. Instead of having coffee in the morning, have a cup before you head to the gym. A pre-exercise cup of coffee with skim milk can help you burn more calories during a workout session and will give you more energy while working out, making it one of the easiest ways to lose weight.

5. Track Your Calorie Intake
If you want to lose weight, you need to know the number of calories you are consuming. Start maintaining a food journal. It will help you keep track of extra calories and will keep you from overeating.

Weight loss does not have to be all about restrictions. Follow these 5 easiest ways to lose weight and you can get rid of the extra pounds without much hassle!

Winter Breakfast Recipes That Will Keep the Weight Off

healthy winter breakfast recipes

For the first of the winter breakfast recipes for weight loss, stuffed French toast, you’ll start off with a piece of bread, almond butter, and sliced banana.

It is recommended that you have a nutritious and filling breakfast, but that could mean putting on extra pounds. To make life easier for you, here’s a look at a few winter breakfast recipes that will keep the weight off while at the same time making you feel full:

Stuffed French Toast
This recipe takes around 40 minutes but it is worth the effort. The best part is it’s healthy and won’t add inches to your waistline.
½ sliced banana
Coconut oil
2 eggs
Fresh berries
4 whole grain bread slices
½ tsp vanilla
2 tbsp almond butter
½ tsp cinnamon
¼ cup vanilla almond milk, unsweetened
1/8 tsp sea salt

Make two sandwiches using the banana and almond butter, and the bread.
In a bowl, combine the sea salt, vanilla, almond milk, eggs, and cinnamon. Whisk them together till finely mixed.
Dip the sandwiches in the mixture for at least 10 seconds. Make sure each side is moist.
Place a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat and coat lightly with coconut oil.
Transfer the sandwich to the skillet and let cook till each side is golden brown. Use a spatula to press and drain the excess oil.
Top sandwiches with syrup and berries to enhance flavor.

Corn Fritters
You might be wondering how corn fritters can not add to your weight! Well, this variation of the recipe is free of dairy and also gluten. In other words, it’s healthy! This is one of the best winter breakfast recipes.
¼ cup water
1/8 cup coconut flour
2 eggs
Coconut oil
½ tsp ground cumin seeds
1/8 cup white rice flour
A pinch of salt
¼ diced red capsicum
½ tsp baking powder (gluten-free)
1 ear corn (kernels separated)
1 sprig diced spring onions

Take a medium bowl and sift all the spices and the flours into it.
In another bowl, combine the eggs and water and whisk.
Combine the contents of the two bowls and mix finely.
Add the capsicum, corn and onions. Mix again.
Place a skillet over medium heat and add 2 teaspoons of coconut oil.
Transfer the batter into the skillet and cook until both sides are brown.
So, try these winter breakfast recipes and you will see no difference in your waistline, while your taste buds will have a great time!

How to Add Phentramin-D to Your Holiday Weight Loss Plan

Holiday Weight Loss Plan

With Phentramin-D as part of your holiday weight loss plan, the only thing you have to lose are the pounds!

It’s easy to believe that a holiday weight loss plan is something that only dreamers would think is possible. The truth of the matter is, however, that you can still enjoy everything you love about the holidays, even if your ultimate goal is to drop the excess pounds.

The key to this effort is in having realistic expectations and in arming yourself with the right tools to achieve your goals. Phentramin-D is among the top options successful dieters choose to give themselves an advantage against the inclination to overeat on fatty, salty and sugary foods throughout the first half of the winter season.

It’s true that the odds are you won’t lose as many pounds on a holiday weight loss plan as you would at virtually any other time of the year. However, when you add Phentramin-D to the mix, you can stop yourself from gaining weight and even continue a gradual fat reduction throughout this stressful, treat-filled time of year.

The reason Phentramin-D makes sense as a part of a holiday weight loss plan is threefold. The first is that it helps to suppress your appetite. Therefore, even if you do give into temptation and munch on a few of those sweet treats, you will find that you may not feel as inclined to eat as many, simply because you’re not as hungry. When hunger pangs aren’t driving your choices, it means that you’ll be more clear headed and will be satisfied with a taste of your favorite treats, instead of losing control and eating handfuls.

Next, you’ll have more energy. Is there anyone who couldn’t benefit from more energy at this time of year? When you are more energized, you’ll not only get more done, but you’ll also be able to keep up your motivation to stick to a smarter eating strategy. You might even be able to push yourself to complete most of your daily workouts, even if you can’t quite fit all of them in. Even an extra 10 minute walk become possible when you have more drive and energy. Every little bit counts.

Finally, the fat burners in the ingredients help to make sure that when you are eating fewer calories than you usually would and when you squeak in as many workouts as you can, you’ll burn the maximum possible amount of fat. At worst, you can help yourself not to gain weight. At best, you can maintain a steady weight loss that will make everyone envious of you!

Practice Mindfulness to Lose Weight and Slim Down

Mindfulness to Lose Weight is effective

When you practice mindfulness to lose weight, you think about what you are putting into your body and really attune yourself with a healthy lifestyle.

While there is not a lot of research that correlates meditation with weight loss, it does offer the same benefits as a good workout or healthy eating habits. Meditation lowers your blood pressure and calms your brain so you are able to manage stress and think clearly. The following tips can help you practice mindfulness to lose weight.

Connect With Yourself
Meditation may not necessarily make you lose weight, as in, meditation will not literally help burn calories. However, it will make you more aware of your eating decisions. Meditation helps you connect with your inner self and overcome problems associated with weight gain, such as overeating and emotional eating.

Choose a Comfortable Place for Practicing Mindfulness
Everyone has their own way of meditating depending on their comfort level. Some people like having company so they meditate in groups, while some people feel anxious in public so they meditate alone. You can choose either way, but a good place to meditate is somewhere that is quiet and comfortable. You will also need a point of focus, such as a word, phrase, or your breathing. You can meditate while walking, standing or sitting but do not get distracted by stressful thoughts.

Stop Yourself from Being Distracted
The key to meditation is not how long you do it but rather how deeply. You need to train your mind to be quiet and to keep it from giving you suggestions, such as eating a bag of chips on a full stomach or eating cookies past bedtime. If you are a beginner at meditation, start with an open mind. Do not wave it off as some gibberish you read on the internet. Rather give it a chance and spend time trying to create a clean canvas in your mind. The best way to notice change is thinking back on what you did or didn’t do because you were mindful of your decision. This will keep you motivated for practicing mindfulness to lose weight.

Focus On Your Present
So, how do you stop your mind from bringing up the daily stresses of your life during meditation? We fail to live in the present. We are either worried about something that is about to happen or something that has already happened. Focus on where you are right now and the things around you. Rid yourself of the daily stresses and be mindful of the things that you never think about, such as how you can make your next meal healthy or how long you should go running after work.

In essence, meditation is not going to replace your diet or exercise routine but rather it will enhance their effect. You will be more mindful of your physical activities and eating decisions. Actions that you performed unconsciously, such as reaching out for a candy bar without looking at the calories, will now become more mindful actions. So, mindfulness to lose weight will prove effective. Try it for yourself and see the results.

8 Nutrition Tips from Top Trainers


top Nutrition Tips

Nutrition tips can take your diet and exercise program to a new level.

With the increasing accessibility and availability of fast food restaurants and packaged foods, our bodies are not receiving the required nutrients. By making a little effort, we can build healthier eating habits. Here are 8 nutrition tips from top trainers you can follow to reach your health and fitness goals:

1. Cook at home with fresh produce and meat, and avoiding packaged, genetically modified foods,

2. Limiting sugar is a no-brainer when it comes to healthy eating. Our brain does not understand sugar in liquid form, such as cola. It only knows how to process sugar that comes from solids, such as fruits. Sugary drinks are extremely harmful to the body and can lead to health problems such as obesity, type-2 diabetes and heart related illnesses.

3. Adding nuts and dried fruits to your diet is extremely healthy. Nuts and dried fruits have a concentrated version of nutrients, such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin E and fiber. As nuts have a natural form of sugar, they are great for eating when you are trying to lose weight.

4. Eating junk food sparingly is another no-brainer when it comes to nutrition tips. Junk foods are high in additives, saturated fats and are low on nutrients. Junk food has been engineered in a manner that causes us to eat more of it, which sometimes leads to an addiction. It is best to have no junk food around the house, so you never reach out for it.

5. Black coffee is encouraged, mainly due to the caffeine. Coffee is a great antioxidant and studies have shown coffee drinkers are less vulnerable to type-2 diabetes. Just realize that adding any cream or sugar is not healthy.

6. Fish is the least consumed protein by the general population. However, it should be consumed at least once a week. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids and is relatively richer in nutrients than beef, mutton or chicken.

7. Nutrition is directly related to what we consume. Everything we consume goes through our gut, thus it is important to take care of it. Foods that aid digestion should be consumed regularly. Probiotic supplements, such as yogurt, are great for the healthy bacteria in your stomach. Fiber is another must for better digestion as it acts like a fuel for your intestines.

8. Drinking plenty of water is another obvious nutrition tip. Our bodies are more than 60% water which means you need to consume enough to have your body functioning at its optimal level. Water also boosts your metabolism, which in turn means more calories are burning. Drinking water before meals also aids in weight loss, making it one of the best nutrition tips.

5 Reasons to Give Phentramin-D a Try When Other Weight Loss Products Have Failed You

Weight Loss Products failed

When weight loss products have failed you, it can be really irritating, but Phentramin-D won’t let you down.

We live in a society where people judge us by our appearances. We idolize people because of their good looks and slim physiques and dream about becoming like them. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with a speedy metabolism, which is why we resort to diet pills. When choosing weight loss products, it is best that you do your research, as you do not want to waste your money on a product that will not work.

If you have been trying diet pills by various companies only to find nothing works, it is time you switch to Phentramin-D. Here are 5 reasons why you should give Phentramin-D a try when other weight loss products have failed you:

It Helps You Eat Less
Believe it or not, with Phentramin-D’s unique formula, your cravings will be eliminated in no time. Hunger pangs and food cravings are what come in the way of dieting. It’s hard to satisfy ourselves with pieces of bland chicken when we are craving our favorite sugary goods. Phentramin-D causes us to suppress our appetite, hence we our able to fulfill ourselves by eating small portions.

Boosts Energy
Dieting and losing weight involves a lot of work. You have to spend countless hours at the gym and get enough exercise. All this becomes especially hard when you have lowered your sugar intake. With this miraculous weight loss pill, you are able to get as much energy as you need to work out and remain active throughout the day.

Increases Metabolic Activity
A fast metabolism is all it takes to burn calories. Phentramin-D has the ability to speed up your metabolism. Do not let your slow and inefficient metabolism get in the way of your dreams of achieving the ideal figure. Phentramin-D is made from a variety of high quality ingredients that boost your metabolism.

Elevates Your Mood
Afraid that you will be cranky the whole day because of your decreased sugar intake? Well, worry no more. Unlike other weight loss products that drain all of your energy and cause you to feel tired and miserable all day long, Phentramin-D works like a charm. Not only does it boosts your energy levels, but it also takes care of mood swings and elevates your mood.

It’s Pocket Friendly
Not everybody can afford to spend money on costly weight loss products. Fortunately for you, Phenblue is an amazing product that is not only efficient but is also pocket friendly. Now you do not have to worry about breaking the bank. With Phenblue, you can finally achieve the body weight you have always wanted at an extremely reasonable price.

How to Eliminate Cravings for Food as Soon as They Happen

How to Eliminate Cravings fast

How to eliminate cravings. : Taking a short nap can help you reduce fatigue and sleep deprivation, which is a leading craving cause.

You have spent the whole day following your diet, no added sugars, and no extra calories. But in just a minute, you start craving your favorite chocolate bar and all those tedious hours of following your diet has gone to waste when you are chomping down to sugar heaven. It is easy to get carried away with cravings. Weight loss can actually be a lot of fun if you find ways to eliminate your cravings for foods as soon as they happen. Here’s how to eliminate cravings:

Look For a Distraction
You stomach has started grumbling and all you want to do is dig into some pizza. Stop right there. Before you start nibbling away at whatever you can find, look for a way to distract yourself. Have a glass of cold water or think of that new movie you want to watch. There are plenty of things you need to get done. Make a list of all the interesting things you can do once you have hit rock bottom. The next time you are craving something sweet, at least you will get some work done.

Avoid Sensory Cues That Trigger Your Cravings
If you have been longingly staring at a tub of ice-cream, you are going to crave it! The number one rule on how to eliminate cravings is to get rid of all the sensory cues that trigger your cravings. Hide all your unhealthy stash of food inside your closet so you do not have to look at it when you are dieting. If you have seen something you want to eat then immediately turn to the opposite direction, eliminating your cravings has a lot to do with self-control.

Ask Yourself If You Really Are Hungry
If you want to keep those extra calories at bay, you need to learn how to eliminate cravings. Didn’t you just have a nice sandwich an hour ago? Do you really need to be snacking on potato chips right now when dinner time is only in a few hours? The next time you are craving a snack, ask yourself if you really are hungry. Identifying the fact that you are not hungry and just bored is the first way to battle your cravings. Get your head together. It is all going to be fine.

Take a Nap
You might as well just catch up on some sleep. Studies suggest people who are sleep deprived tend to have prolonged cravings because their body needs extra calories to produce more energy. So, the next time you feel you have hit rock bottom and are going to go straight to the freezer, go straight to bed instead.

Can Phentramin-D Help You Avoid Weight Loss Surgery

Avoid Weight Loss Surgery

You can avoid weight loss surgery when you turn to Phentramin-D for help. The formula fights cravings and helps you eat less.

For some people, losing the weight can be a challenge. They might have tried everything in the book and still they are looking at little results and might have to start considering weight loss surgery. While this surgery is certainly going to help them lose a lot of weight quickly, it is not always the first choice when it comes to losing weight because of the complications. If you are faced with the decision of weight loss surgery, consider giving Phentramin-D a chance to help avoid this solution.

So how can Phentramin-D help if you are about to undergo surgery for your weight loss? Here are some examples of how:

· More energy—with this pill, you are going to have more energy than ever before. This makes it easier to get up and finish all of those workouts, rather than just sitting on the couch at night.

· Fewer cravings—cravings are the worst when you are trying to lose weight. After a few days of trying out these pills, you will find that the cravings go away and you can concentrate on something other than food for a bit.

· Burns through foods quickly—when you do eat, which will be less often because of the appetite suppressant, your body will burn through the food in a much shorter time than before. This can help to get the body in better shape in no time.

· Burns fat—instead of burning muscle or losing water like some pills, these pills are able to burn up a lot of the fat that just won’t leave your body.

· Works well—Phentramin-D is one of the most effective pills on the market. They work fast and in many different ways so that you can see the results in no time.

Before you get started on these pills, make sure to discuss the option with your doctor. They may want you to use these pills in conjunction with weight loss surgery to get the desired results that you are looking for. Another problem may be that these pills will interact in a negative way with some of the other medications or health issues you are going through. After talking with your doctor, you should be able to determine if these are the right weight loss pills to help you to finally lose that weight and to avoid weight loss surgery.

Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipes to Lose Weight

Healthy Breakfast Burrito recipes

The beans and cheese healthy breakfast burrito can be served with a side of healthy chunky salsa for added flavor.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they are right. The problem is that so few of us take the time to enjoy it or rush through it without any thought, and therefore we aren’t getting as much out of it as we should.

If you want to jump start your metabolism and begin your day eating right then a well planned out breakfast is the key to your success. There are so many great recipes and ideas out there, but one that you will see come up often is based around burritos. There are some great healthy breakfast burrito ideas, some of which are traditional and some of which are out of the norm—but they are all delicious, nutritious, and will get you heading in the right direction!

The great thing about a breakfast burrito is that it’s versatile and therefore you can add in any types of ingredients that you like. It’s easy to put together, it can feature some really healthy ingredients, and it’s a great thing to grab on the go. You can even prepare the foods the night before so that you have everything that you need when the morning madness hits.

You can plan it out so that you enjoy some protein, veggies, whole grains, and even good fats if you plan it out right. The key is to have all of the ingredients on hand, prep it out the night before, and also to mix it up so that you never get bored with this breakfast of choice. You’ll love the energy that it gives you and how satisfied it helps you to feel for quite awhile afterwards.

Though you might not think that there are actually any healthy breakfast burrito ideas out there, you would be wrong. You can customize this, enjoy it as you like, and therefore make this your “go-to” breakfast in a pinch when you need a jumpstart using a few healthy ingredients.

Scrambled Egg Masterpiece: All you have to do is scramble up a couple of eggs with some of your favorite veggies. Consider favorites such as peppers, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes that you can fold into the eggs and scramble with a touch of cheese. Then you put this concoction into a whole wheat tortilla and fold it up to enjoy. You can add with hot sauce if you like a little zing in the morning or you can just put a touch of salt and pepper. No matter which way you go, this is a great way to start your day and it’s healthy, delicious, and a great way to get your day going in the right direction.

Beans and Cheese Extraordinaire: You don’t have to always feature eggs in a healthy breakfast burrito and it can take on a great international flair if you like it that way. Here you will add together black or pinto beans or even both, some Monterrey jack cheese, avocado slices, and some salsa for a wonderful burrito that is different than the norm. You can roll it up in a whole wheat tortilla and top it with a touch of sour cream or just put on some tomatoes and olives if that’s your thing. You can’t go wrong because it will help you to feel satisfied and even give you some much needed fiber as well.

Poached Egg Deliciousness: Who doesn’t love that ooey gooey runny sensation that you get out of a poached egg? It is such a delicious way to enjoy breakfast and it packs some great protein within it too. You can start with a whole wheat tortilla and add in some lean ham, peppers, and some cheddar cheese. Then top with the poached egg and roll it up so that it oozes out on everything. You may need a fork but it’s such a wonderful way to enjoy breakfast that you will want to do it again and again!

Mediterranean Madness: Sometimes the untraditional healthy breakfast burrito are the most delicious ones. You start by spreading some hummus on a whole wheat tortilla, then add some crumbled feta, olives, tomatoes, and chopped artichoke hearts. Add in some sliced hardboiled egg and roll up—voila you have a delicious breakfast that is substantial, untraditional, and so delicious you will want it when you need that extra something in the morning.

What is Stomach Vacuuming?

what is Stomach Vacuuming

Stomach vacuuming is different than it sounds. It is actually a breathing exercise that helps you achieve a smaller midsection.

Every time you think you’ve heard it all when it comes to new trends for weight loss, it seems that there’s yet another new concept. There is an entire industry out there dedicated to helping people lose weight, and there is virtually no concept to the many workouts and products out there to help. Though there are some trends that are worth ignoring, there are others that may actually help to get you the results that you want. Along these lines is the concept of stomach vacuuming which may be something that sounds like plastic surgery—but this is an exercise and a breathing method all wrapped in one. It’s a worthwhile investment into your health and therefore it may be a good idea to focus on in terms of effective weight loss.

The problem with so many trends out there is that you can get lost in them, so to speak. You feel as if you are doing everything right but then you hear about yet another new trend and it can make you second guess everything. Though it’s easy enough to ignore so many methods, this is one that may be worth tuning into. It’s worth it to talk to a doctor. You will find that it won’t cause you any harm, which is the main thing to focus on. Though you of course want to focus on eating right and exercising frequently, if you also incorporate this technique into your routine it can only help you to enjoy long term success.

Though you may not have heard of stomach vacuuming before it is based upon concepts that have been around for quite some time which proves it has some potential effectiveness for you. This is an interesting idea that may help to shape your body in a whole new way.

  • It’s not actually an exercise at all but a breathing exercise: Though it is an exercise in terms of the category it fits into, it is actually not really a true exercise overall. This is a breathing method that comes from a combination of Yoga and Pilates whereby you must hold poses and focus on your breathing. You are pulling in the abdominal muscles in an extreme way that will get the body to react and provide results. It’s best to practice this on its own such as through meditation or as part of a toning regimen. As it’s not a traditional exercise it needs your full concentration to ensure that it gets deep into the muscle tissue as you want it to.
  • It activates and strengthens your largest abdominal muscle: The greatest thing about stomach vacuuming is that it’s not spot training like so many other methods that you have heard about out there. This is a concentrated breathing exercise where you are activated, contracting, and therefore strengthening the abdominal muscles. This just so happens to be the biggest and most visible abdominal muscles and therefore it’s going to have a direct impact on how it tones and looks in the end too. The more that you can hold the contraction, the more that you will feel the positive effects of this in the end. 
  • You continue to hold the muscles and breathe through contractions that add strength: The longer that you hold the muscles the more effective it’s going to be. You want to pull the abdominal muscles in as far as you can and hold the contraction, and focus on breathing through it. You will feel it as you would feel any sort of yoga pose and it means it’s going deep into the muscle and forcing it to change. It’s not your typical exercise for you build up your endurance and strength in holding the contraction.


  • If you perform this right you can cinch your waist, but form is everything: Though it may sound too good to be true, the longer that you can hold it the more that it will tighten and strengthen the muscles. You will in fact cinch your waist much in the same way that you would if you wore a corset, but in a much more comfortable and controlled manner. It’s worth it to try and you will notice that it’s working because you can continue to add onto this as you get accustomed to this breathing movement— stomach vacuuming is a worthwhile investment into your health and into a smaller waist too!