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Is Caffeinated Coffee the Secret to Losing Weight?

Caffeinated Coffee for Weight Loss

Have you recently heard about caffeinated coffee being the secret to weight loss? Well, it may not be as straightforward as you might think. Check out the information below to learn more about the effects that caffeinated coffee can really have on your weight.

Brown Fat vs. White Fat

According to Forbes, there are two types of fat cells in the human body. They are brown fat cells and white fat cells.

  1. White fat cells will store and contain just one big droplet of oily fat.
  2. Brown fat cells will store more than one droplet of fat, and those droplets will be smaller. However, brown fat will also contain mitochondria that burn fat to create heat in the body. 

Researchers have already discovered that, when your body is cold, brown fat can be triggered so that it can generate the heat that is necessary to survive. So, if you can stimulate the brown fat in your body, heat will be generated, and you might be able to lose some weight as a result because you will end up burning fat in the process as well.

Where Caffeinated Coffee Comes into Play

How is this all related to caffeinated coffee and its abilities to help you shed pounds? Well, the caffeine might help boost your metabolism, but you already knew that. Beyond that, there are some experts who think that caffeine might help boost the activity of brown fat too.

In a study using mouse cells, the results looked promising. So, experts went further to conduct a study that involved humans. But the study was very small, with just nine volunteers who were told to drink either water or a caffeinated drink. Then, it was a matter of taking measurements of the heat that was produced in tissues in the area of the shoulder and lower neck.

The conclusion? Well, those who drank the water did not exhibit increased heat generation, but those participants who drank the caffeine did. So, this does suggest that there might be a link between a beverage like caffeinated coffee and weight loss.

Should You Add Coffee to Your Diet?

These findings are certainly interesting, but experts are still not totally sure about caffeine’s ability to help you burn more fat. Nevertheless, if you drink coffee, this is good news for you, and it might entice you to drink more. The thing is that you don’t want to overdo it when it comes to caffeine, and you need to consider what you’re adding to your coffee (cream and sugar, anyone?), as that equates to more calories than you might want to get into your daily diet if you are trying to lose weight.

We Need to Learn More About Fat and Caffeine

Ultimately, more research into the effects of caffeine on body fat needs to be conducted before experts can definitively say that it can help you lose weight by burning away fat. Sure, you can use caffeinated beverages for energy, but you still need to eat right and exercise if you want to shed the excess weight efficiently.

4 Natural Weight Loss Tips Based on Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Natural Weight Loss Tips

Ayurveda is a form of natural medicine that hails from ancient India. When it comes natural weight loss tips, it has quite a few to offer, so check out the information below if you’re thinking about incorporating this healing modality into your daily life.

1. Shop for Foods That Are in Season

According to Times Now News, one of the first things that you can do to achieve your weight loss goals is eat foods that are in season. Basically, by shopping for produce that is in season, you will be giving your body what it naturally needs at that specific time of year. And, by incorporating more fruits and veggies into your daily diet, you will be getting plenty of nutrition and fiber that can help you detoxify naturally and slim down with greater ease.

2. Get Enough Sleep

When it comes to natural weight loss tips, it’s important to include getting enough sleep. A lot of people aren’t getting enough sleep every night, and that could be taking its toll on their waistline. Experts have found that getting enough rest can help you maintain a healthier weight, so try your best to get anywhere from seven to nine hours of shut-eye nightly.

3. Get Enough Water

In addition to getting enough sleep, getting enough water is also necessary if you want to take steps to stay healthy and thin. Try adding some lemon juice to a glass of warm water in the morning, and drink that before anything else to jumpstart your digestion. Then, sip on water throughout the rest of the day as well.

4. Follow a Schedule of Eating Three Meals a Day

According to Ayurveda, it’s a good idea to stick to eating just three meals per day. Aim to get your breakfast in the morning before you start your day. Then, make lunch your biggest meal of the day, before having a light dinner in the evening.

Ayurvedic practices might be just what you need if you have been searching for natural weight loss tips. Consider giving the strategies above a try to see if they will help you achieve your goals.

Top 5 Signs You Chose the Wrong Diet Pills for Your Weight Management Strategy

Signs you've chosen the wrong diet pillsThe best diet pills can help support your weight loss efforts, but the wrong diet pills can do a lot more harm than good. What are some of the signs that you chose the wrong diet pills for your weight management strategy? Five of them are listed below.

Signs You’re Using the Wrong Diet Pills

1. You Begin Experiencing Heart Problems

According to Everyday Health, one of the most dangerous signs that you are using the wrong diet pills is a change in the rhythm of your heart. This can actually be a side effect of a variety of diet pills that are available both over-the-counter and by prescription. Before purchasing a diet pill, be sure to read about its potential side effects. Furthermore, if you are taking a diet pill that is causing changes to your heart’s rhythm, stop taking it and call your doctor right away.

2. You Don’t Feel a Difference When You Take Them

Another sign that you have chosen the wrong diet pills is if you don’t notice any difference in the way that you feel. The right weight management supplements will be able to give you a nice boost of energy and focus that you can use to power through your workouts and to eat right every day. A couple of great examples are 3G BURN and FENFAST 375.

It also goes without saying that, if you are not feeling well while you are taking the diet pills, this is another sign that you chose the wrong product for your weight loss journey. Your diet pills should be working to help you feel better than you would if you weren’t taking them. Therefore, if you are noting that you are experiencing symptoms that you wouldn’t otherwise be experiencing, no matter how minor those symptoms are, consider stopping the use of the pills to see if those symptoms go away.

3. You Are Noticing That You’re Addicted to the Pills

Another sign that you chose the wrong diet pills is that you start to feel addicted to the pills. If you can’t imagine your day without taking the product, there’s a problem. Unfortunately, many diet pills, including those available by prescription, can be habit-forming, so this is something to think about.

If you are taking a prescription diet pill, your risk of dependency might be higher. For this reason, it is extremely important to take the pills as directed by your doctor and wean yourself off of them when you aren’t supposed to take them anymore. When it comes to the weight management pills that you can purchase over the counter, on the other hand, you should still follow the directions closely, and if you notice any dependency starting, it’s time to stop.

4. You Are Experiencing Side Effects

Unpleasant side effects of any kind, whether it’s digestive upset, jitteriness, or anything in between, should be taken as a sign that you are taking diet pills that aren’t appropriate for you. Again, before trying a diet pill, be sure to inform yourself of the potential side effects so that you’ll know what to look out for.

Just remember, the pills are supposed to make you feel better while you work on exercising and eating right to lose weight. So, if you are experiencing unpleasant side effects, another product might give you the support that you need, without the symptoms you don’t want.

5. You Are Gaining Weight, or Not Losing Weight

Yet another pretty clear sign that you’re taking the wrong diet pills is if you are still gaining weight while you are using them. In this case, they aren’t working, and you’re just wasting your time and money by consuming them. In the same way, if you are not losing any weight while taking diet pills, that’s a clear sign that the pills are not working, so you might want to give another product a try instead.

Shopping for the right diet pills can be tough. That’s why taking your time and really doing your research in advance will pay off, as well as increase the odds that you’ll choose the right product for your needs, while avoiding the wrong diet pills. When in doubt, talk to your doctor about which diet pills are best for you.

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Everything You Know is Wrong: You’ll Likely Never Need a Liver Detox Diet or Cleanse

You'll Never Need a Liver Detox Diet

A lot people go on a liver detox diet or a cleanse of some sort or another, thinking that they are doing something beneficial for their entire body, as well as their weight. However, when it comes to what you know about liver detox diets or cleanses, you might be completely wrong. Continue reading to see what we mean.

Liver Cleanses Might Be Dangerous

First off, you might think that, because they are promoted so widely, liver detox diets and liver cleanses are safe for you to pursue. Unfortunately, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, many of the liver detox products marketed as weight loss cleanses may end up hurting your liver. Plus, there isn’t any clinical data available to back up the claims that these liver cleanses are actually effective in the first place.

You Don’t Need to Follow a Liver Detox Diet for a Healthy Liver

Sure, a liver detox diet or a cleanse will tell you that it is what you need to maintain your liver’s health, or to cure your liver after you’ve overindulged. However, you really need to look at the ingredients, as they aren’t all safe to take over an extended period of time. Also, there isn’t any proof regarding liver cleanses doing anything to undo the damage caused by overindulgence. 

It is also important to note that a liver detox diet or a liver cleanse should not be your go-to treatment if you have been diagnosed with conditions like alcoholic liver disease, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, or Hepatitis A, B, or C. These products won’t help correct these conditions, but your doctor can provide you with the best treatments available.

Just Focus on Eating Nutritious Foods

The best way to support your overall health, including the health of your liver, is by eating right every day and staying properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water. You can also protect your liver by maintaining a healthy weight, and by reducing your intake of alcoholic beverages.

The FDA Has Approved a Prescription Diet Pill for Overweight Dieters

FDA Approved Prescription Diet Pill for Overweight Dieters

Have you heard? The FDA has approved a new prescription diet pill for overweight dieters. Want to learn more about it? We give you the basics below, but if you want to find out if this product is right for you and your weight loss needs, you’ll have to consult with your physician.

It’s Called Plenity, and It Can Help Combat Cravings

The new prescription diet pill for overweight dieters is called Plenity. The FDA has gone ahead and approved it, so you should be hearing a lot more about it soon. This new diet pill has undergone multiple clinical trials to prove its safety and efficacy.

According to Health Journal, the product is designed to help you feel full so that you will find it easier to eat less. It also makes it easier to avoid giving in to unhealthy food cravings.

Who Can Take Plenity?

Whenever a prescription diet pill for overweight dieters hits the market, it is important to learn about the type of patient that the product is really designed for.

The good news about Plenity is that it can be used by individuals who have a BMI within the range of 25 to 40, so those who are obese or overweight might be able to give it a try. This is a big difference from other diet pills that are only available by prescription for those who are diagnosed as obese.

How Does Plenity Work?

Put simply, you would take Plenity before a meal, and its ingredients will absorb water in your stomach to begin taking up space there, causing you to feel full before you even eat.

Once the product moves into your intestines, the water that it absorbed is released, and your digestive tract absorbs it. Then, what’s left of the pill will simply exit your body when you have a bowel movement.

Side Effects to Consider

During trials, researchers found that, compared to a placebo, Plenity did help the majority of the patients lose weight when taken as directed. But, like all other prescriptions, Plenity may cause some side effects. Those include abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea. So, this is certainly something to think about before you take the product.

As with any other prescription diet pill for overweight dieters, talking to your doctor is the way to find out if Plenity is right for you. But, now that you know more about it, you can have a more informed conversation with your doctor about your weight loss journey.

Why You Should Avoid Diet Pills with Bitter Orange in Their Ingredients

Why Avoid Diet Pills with Bitter Orange Have you been on the hunt for a great diet pill that will help you achieve your weight loss goals without the struggle? Then you might have come across one or more products that contain the ingredient known as bitter orange. Here’s the thing, though: you should not take any diet pills with bitter orange in their ingredients. Want to know why? We explain it all below.

Why Bitter Orange Is Dangerous

According to WebMD, bitter orange actually has an active ingredient that is known as synephrine. If you have done your research, you might already know that this ingredient isn’t good for your body because it is a lot like ephedra, which was banned by the FDA back in 2004 after people had taken it to lose weight and experienced severe side effects. More specifically, ephedra caused negative effects on people’s hearts, which prompted the government to step in and take any products containing that ingredient off the shelves to keep people safe.

In addition to adversely affecting your cardiovascular system, bitter orange and synephrine can also cause many other unpleasant side effects, such as vomiting, fainting, insomnia, and headaches. And, in addition to increased heart rate and high blood pressure, the ingredient can even contribute to stroke and heart attack.

Some Products Do Contain Bitter Orange, So Beware!

Despite the safety concerns that come with an ingredient like this, diet pills with bitter orange can still be found on the market. Many bodybuilding supplements, as well as weight loss products, will showcase ingredients like caffeine and bitter orange. While those products might seem tempting, it is best to avoid these types of pills because they may result in side effects like a faster than normal heart rate and an increase in your blood pressure. Overall, your heart could suffer if you take diet pills with bitter orange, so these supplements should be avoided altogether.

There Are Better Options Out There

It is pretty obvious why diet pills with bitter orange are best avoided. Besides, with so many higher quality products out there, all designed to help you shed pounds with greater ease, you don’t need to resort to using anything that is even remotely dangerous to your body. Check out some of the many weight management supplements that you can purchase over the counter and talk to your doctor about the product that would be best for you and your unique weight loss needs.

Experts Recommend: These Shopping Tips to Buy the Best Diet Pills for Your Dieting Support

Tips to Buy the Best Diet Pills Let’s say that you want to give diet pills a try, but you aren’t the right candidate for a prescription diet product. Have no fear, as there are many weight management products that you can purchase over the counter. But what are the most highly recommended ways to buy the best diet pills for weight loss support? Check out the shopping tips below to make a smart decision when you want to take a product that will help you reach your slim-down goals more quickly and easily.

Take Your Time to Do the Right Research

First off, you shouldn’t just go to any old diet pill website or large online retailer’s website and purchase the first diet pills that you see for sale. Instead, it’s wise to do your research, not only into the various products that are available, but also into the top-quality ingredients that can actually deliver the results that you want.

When you are ready to buy the best diet pills, spend some time reading about today’s top weight loss ingredients. That way, you will know what ingredients to look for once you start your search for the right pills.

Then, when you are looking into particular products, take your time to read the label closely. How often do you need to take the pills, and what’s the dosage? Do you need to worry about side effects? What are the effects, such as more energy or focus, that you can expect?

Finally, read through customer reviews to find out if the product does, indeed, perform as the manufacturer states. Were customers happy with the results? How long did they need to take the product before noticing any changes?

Purchase Only from Reputable Sources

If you want to buy the best diet pills online, you need to stick with reputable sources. The manufacturer’s website is often the right place to go to ensure you are getting the real thing, rather than a fraudulent, fake product sold by a third-party seller. However, if the manufacturer is selling their products on the website of a large online retailer, like Amazon, for example, and you are sure that you are dealing directly with the manufacturer, that is an option as well. Just be careful, as there are fraudsters out there who are selling fake diet pills and stealing people’s money in the process.

Ask Your Doctor for Advice

No matter how much research you do, you might still end up having questions, so it’s best at this point to talk to your doctor, who knows about your health and your weight loss needs. He or she can point you in the right direction, so you will buy the best diet pills that will be right for you.

Now that you know how to buy the best diet pills for dieting support, what are you waiting for? Do your research, talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns, and take the product you choose as directed so that you can get the best results.

The Right Diet Pills Can Help You Enjoy These Healthy Lifestyle Benefits

Healthy Lifestyle Benefits and Diet PillsWhen most people think about what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle, they often think about losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

Taking steps to maintain a healthy weight or shed those extra pounds is definitely part of what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle. That’s why it’s wise to search for the right diet pills, and ask your doctor for guidance so that you choose the best one for you.

The right diet pill might be just what you need to incorporate into your daily life, in addition to eating right and exercising, to reach and stick with your ideal weight. Plus, once you are able to lose weight, there are other healthy lifestyle benefits that you can enjoy. A few of them are listed below to help clarify how the right diet pills can help you reap other benefits.

Reduced Risk of Injury and Illness When You Lose Weight

Losing weight can help you reduce your risk of injury and illness, according to Livestrong. This is probably the most important of all of the healthy lifestyle benefits that you can derive when you slim down. Switching to a healthy diet on its own can do wonders at strengthening your body against a range of diseases, but losing weight can also help reduce your risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease. On top of that, when you lose weight, your risk of injuring yourself, even from daily activity, decreases because there won’t be as much strain on your body. And, if you have been working hard at the gym to build strength, your muscles will also be there to support you through a range of daily activities at home, at the gym, and on the go.

More Energy When You Slim Down

One of the biggest healthy lifestyle benefits is the increase in energy that you can enjoy when you lose weight. Once you shed pounds and strengthen your body by exercising regularly, you will notice that you have more energy throughout the day than you had while you were overweight. Plus, if you have started eating better, the foods that you are using to nourish your entire body will also be able to provide you with more energy, which means you will be able to get more done and feel much better than you used to.

Improved Mental Health When You Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Finally, when it comes to healthy lifestyle benefits, we can’t leave out mental well-being. Being overweight can make you feel sluggish, not only physically, but also mentally. If you use a diet pill to help you slim down, you might start to notice that your focus becomes sharper, your memory improves, and your mental health also benefits overall from the healthy changes that you have made.

As you can see, using the right diet pill to get down to a healthy weight can also help you enjoy various other healthy lifestyle benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Talk to your doctor about which prescription or over-the-counter diet pill would be best for your unique needs.

Nutrition Experts Recommend: These Tips to Overcome Your Sugar Cravings

Tips to Overcome Your Sugar CravingsDo you deal with cravings for sugary foods and drinks? Do you find those cravings really hard to control? Well, don’t lose hope! There are steps that you can take to overcome your sugar cravings, and a few of the top tips from nutrition experts are listed below to help you get started.

Use Exercise to Overcome Your Sugar Cravings

According to Loma Linda University Health, one of the ways that you can curb your cravings for sugary foods and drinks is through exercise. Getting some much-needed physical activity into your daily life can be beneficial to your body in multiple ways, but a lot of people don’t know that it can help them deal with their sugar cravings.

Basically, exercise works by releasing endorphins, which are chemicals that allow you to feel good. It’s the same kind of feeling that you probably get when you eat sugar. So, by exercising, you can feel good, and you won’t need to rely on sugary foods and drinks to boost your mood.

Eat Mindfully

Many people who end up eating too much sugar every day are not even really aware that they have this unhealthy addition to sweets. Eating mindfully can help you in this area.

Eat slowly, taking in all of the flavors of your meal. Focus on adding more healthy foods to your diet, and listen to your body so that you can know when you are beginning to feel full. This can help you fill up on healthy foods, such as fruits, veggies, and whole grains, and it can help reduce your need for dessert or a sugary snack after your meal.

Shop Smart to Overcome Your Sugar Cravings

Go shopping when your belly is full. Shopping on an empty stomach can make it harder to overcome your sugar cravings because you will be tempted by all of the unhealthy foods that you are seeing and smelling around you. This one step can help make a big difference, especially if you tend to buy sugary foods and drinks that you end up consuming at home, even though you know that you shouldn’t have those foods and beverages around.

Even if you have had trouble with tackling your cravings for sugar in the past, don’t lose hope. Instead, tweak your strategy so that you can avoid sugar as much as possible and develop better habits for your health and weight.

What to Do When Your Prescription Diet Pills Aren’t Helping

When Prescription Diet Pills Don't WorkHas your doctor provided you with prescription diet pills to help you lose weight and improve your health? While prescriptions designed for obese patients may help many people lose weight safely and efficiently, there are many individuals who end up taking prescription diet pills, only to be disappointed with the results.

What can you do if you are one of the people who has been taking a prescription weight loss product without getting the results that you wanted? Check out the tips below.

Talk to Your Doctor First

First off, you should talk to your doctor if your prescription diet pills aren’t really helping because they aren’t working as they should. Whether you are experiencing unwanted side effects or you just aren’t seeing the number on the scale go down despite taking the product as directed, you should let your doctor know. He or she might need to change your dose, or you might need to be put on a different prescription altogether.

Change Your Diet and Exercise Routine

If your prescription diet pills aren’t helping, you might not be doing enough when it comes to dieting and exercising. You can’t expect that the diet pills alone will get the job done, as a combination of diet, exercise, and diet pill use is often recommended most. Therefore, it is wise to talk to your doctor about how you can change your eating habits for the better. Discuss what foods you should be reducing or eliminating, and which foods you should be adding. For example, increasing your intake of plant-based foods, while reducing your intake of animal products, might help in surprising ways. Beyond that, however, you also need to get more active so that you can burn more fat and calories naturally, so discuss a safe workout routine that you can follow as well.

There Are Other Products to Consider Taking

If you want to do away with all prescription diet products and focus more on other products that can help you shed pounds effectively, consider the fact that there are many weight management supplements that you can purchase over the counter. Again, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor first, as doing so can help you be certain that you are adding a safe, effective product to your weight loss plan.

Bottom line: if your prescription diet pill isn’t really working or helping your situation, there are alternative options, so don’t lose hope.