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7 Tricks to Reduce Body Fat without Losing Muscle

reduce body fat without losing muscleWhenever you’re trying to lose weight, you run the risk of losing muscle as you’re working on burning through stubborn body fat. You want to burn through the fat and slim down, but you don’t want to lose your strength in the process. So how can you reduce body fat without losing muscle?

1. It Starts with Your Diet

By eating right, you can reduce body fat without losing muscle while you’re working hard at losing weight.

2. Get Enough Protein

By getting enough protein, in particular, through your daily diet, you can effectively maintain muscle more easily. But many people are confused about just how much protein is the right amount. Experts recommend getting anywhere from 0.8 grams to 1.3 grams of protein for every pound of body weight, so that’s where you should aim for the best results.

3. Cut Calories

One of the keys to successful weight loss is reducing your daily calorie intake. Combined with a workout routine that burns calories, you’ll be able to slim down.

4. Focus on Moderate Calorie Reduction

You don’t want to reduce your caloric intake by a drastic amount, as that will only increase the odds that you will end up losing muscle as well. Instead, stick with a moderate reduction. This will even help keep your hormones and mood balanced, and it can prevent metabolic slowdown too.

5. Eat Often

It may seem counter-intuitive, but eating often is another way to build and maintain muscle while also losing body fat. So you can eat three healthy meals every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then have three snacks that include things like protein shakes or green juices to support your body’s needs. Because you are eating more often throughout the day, you can eat smaller meals, thereby keeping your metabolism steady without overeating at any meal.

6. Don’t Overdo the Cardio

Cardio is important if you want to lose weight, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Instead, your focus should be on a balanced routine.

7. Focus on Strength Training

With a solid strength training routine, you;ll build your muscles up and continue to progress, all while maintaining a metabolism that continues to burn fat even when you are at rest.

With the tips above, you can reduce body fat without losing muscle. This means that you will be able to lose weight without losing strength. You’ll end up with a sexy, slim, and toned body that you’ll be proud to show off.

These Morning Run Benefits May Surprise You

Surprising Morning Run Benefits Of the top 10 ways to have more energy, a morning run is definitely one of the most overlooked. There are a host of great health and fitness benefits that you can derive by establishing a consistent running routine. But did you know that there are even more perks that come with running in the morning, in particular?

Below are a few of the morning run benefits that may surprise you, and these benefits might even entice you to change up your running schedule if you don’t already run in the morning.

Better Air Quality

When you head for a run in the great outdoors, you will be breathing in the air out there, so you want to be sure that the air is clean rather than full of allergens and pollutants that can be harmful to your health. By running in the morning, you can rest assured that the air will be cooler and cleaner. Commuters haven’t yet hit the road with their cars, so you will not have to deal with smelling all of that nasty exhaust either.

No Excuses to Skip Your Workout

If you are the type of person who typically skips a workout later in the day because you get too busy or you are too tired, the best thing to do is switch your workout schedule so that you can exercise in the morning. This is the time of day when you will really have all of the time to yourself, without having to worry about family responsibilities, household chores, and deadlines at work. Your energy will be higher, too, because you will not have to force yourself to exercise after having already spent many hours at work or school.

You Can Jumpstart Your Metabolism

Another one of the many morning run benefits that you should be aware of is the fact that exercising in the morning after you wake up could help to jumpstart your metabolism. This is really important if you are trying to lose weight. After you are done exercising, you can eat a healthy breakfast before you go to work, and you will be more likely to choose a meal that is packed with protein and fiber to stay fuller for longer too.

Now that you know a few of the many morning run benefits, consider adding a run to your schedule. Head out in the morning and get your workout done early in the day so you will have the rest of the day to focus on being with your family, eating right, and achieving your goals at work.

Ways to Promote Increased Fat Burning All Day Long

Promote Increased Fat Burning All DayThere are several ways that you can boost your ability to lose weight by promoting increased fat burning all day long. A few of those ways are listed below, so be sure to give them a try, especially if you have been struggling to melt away those excess pounds.

Keep Moving Throughout the Day

It can be tough for you to keep moving throughout the day if you have to spend hours working at a desk, but this is a vital component to increased fat burning all day. Researchers have found that being inactive for about four or more hours could cause your body’s ability to burn fat to decrease. So in order to boost fat burning, you have to be sure to get up and move around to keep the blood flowing. Break up your work hours so that you can walk around for a bit, even if you do so while you are talking on the phone.

Drink Your Water While It Is Cold

Drinking water is an important strategy for anyone who is trying to lose weight, but drinking cold water could also boost your body’s ability to burn fat all day long. Researchers discovered that if you drink six cups of water every day, and if you make sure that it is cold while you drink it, you could increase your resting metabolic rate by roughly 50 calories each day. This could result in losing 5 pounds each year without having to put in any extra effort.

Take a Fat Burning Supplement

Over-the-counter weight management supplements are easy to take, and you do not need a prescription to purchase them either. A couple of great examples are PhenBlue and FenFast 375. As long as you take these products according to label instructions, you can reduce or even eliminate the risk of side effects. Plus, they are designed with ingredients that will help boost your metabolism, burn through fat, and block fat from being absorbed in the first place.

Enjoy Some Coffee or Tea

If you love drinking coffee, you will be happy to learn that your favorite beverage could also help to boost your body’s fat burning all day. This is because caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, increasing your metabolism by around 5-8%. And that means that you can burn up to 174 extra calories in a day. But if you don’t like coffee, you can have tea instead, which actually has an even bigger impact on your metabolism, increasing it by 12% while giving you a dose of antioxidants.

By implementing the tips above into your daily life, you can enjoy increased fat burning all day, and that could lead to the weight loss results that you have been waiting for.

Countdown to the Healthiest Egg Brands

Healthiest Egg Brands Countdown

Let the Healthiest Egg Brands Countdown Begin!

Just because an egg has been given an AA or A grade, it doesn’t mean that it is among the healthiest egg brands your supermarket has to offer. Surprisingly, there are many different factors to consider when choosing the best eggs to serve to yourself and your family.

The healthiest egg brands have made a concerted effort to ensure that their products are the result of humane treatment of the chickens and are as dense with nutrition as possible. They avoid stressing chickens, feeding them with cheap feed, or raising them in a factory farm setting. The reason is that, aside from humane treatment motivators, chickens raised in those less-than-ideal settings produce eggs that have watery whites and looser yolks. This also decreases the flavor in your recipes and nutrition your body receives from eating them.

That said, the what the healthiest egg brands do is pasture-raise their hens, allowing them to feed not only on a higher quality food but also forage for grass and insects. This supplements the chicken’s diet to provide dark, thick and rich yolks and clear, viscous whites which have an improved flavor, texture and nutrient content.

Among the top brands for healthy eggs are:

5. Vital Farms

This company is based in Texas and has pasture-raised chickens that produce organic eggs. They are sold across the United States for about $8 per dozen.

4. Coyote Creek Farm

The hens are carefully raised in lush pastures that are regularly dosed with compost tea to keep their fields naturally fertilized for the most nutritious chicken feed possible. Additional, daily-ground grains are fed do the chickens from the farm’s own organic feed mill. The eggs are sold in Southwest states for about $6 per dozen.

3. Handsome Brook Farm

This farm’s hens are pastured on a number of family-run East Coast Farms that produce organic eggs. This farm also runs a geothermal bed-and-breakfast. Their eggs are available in most states in a couple of large grocery chains for about $6 per dozen.

2. Pete and Gerry’s

This was the first egg company to have received a humane animal treatment certification. It also has B-Corps certification and is among the larger free-range egg producers with organic products. They are widely available at supermarkets along the East Coast for about $5.50 per dozen.

1. Common Good Farm

The hens from this farm are not only pasture raised they also live on a biodynamic farm. It is located in Raymond, Nebraska and embraces traditional practices designed to be good for both the land and the chickens alike. The hens eat organic grain ground on location, as well as vegetable scraps to round out their nutrition. The eggs are sold in specialty locations and farmers’ markets for about $5 per dozen.

Nighttime Diet Pills: Do They Actually Help?

Do Nighttime Diet Pills WorkDo you struggle with nighttime cravings that hinder you from sticking to your diet? If so, did you know that there are nighttime diet pills that can help to enhance your natural weight loss ability while you sleep, and that can curb your appetite so that you do not end up eating too much food at night before bed?

But do these products actually work, or are they yet another weight loss pill fad that should be avoided? Continue reading for the answer and more information about these products.

How Do Nighttime Diet Pills Work?

There are different types of nighttime diet pills. For example, you might find products that are designed to be taken at night so that you do not end up consuming too many calories before you go to bed for the night. After all, eating before you head off to rest means that you will not be able to burn off those calories and all of that fat through physical activity.

However, there are also nighttime diet pills that claim to help you lose weight while you sleep. They claim that they can continue supporting your metabolic rate while you are sound asleep, and they can also help you maintain a healthier sleep cycle. After all, getting enough hours of sleep each night will help you lose weight and stick with a healthy weight too.

Can These Products Actually Help You Lose Weight?

The simple answer is, yes, these products can actually help you to slim down more easily when you take them as directed, and when you do your research into products that are made of the highest quality, clinically proven ingredients.

Some diet pills are designed to be taken twice a day, once in the morning and then again at night, so that you can curb hunger and keep your metabolism revving. These are a great choice. Other products contain ingredients like green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia, and raspberry ketone to help you lose weight while you are asleep, without having to take any caffeine that would otherwise keep you awake.

Overall, if you want to try a diet pill that will help you lose weight at night, you certainly have that option. You can talk to your doctor about what weight management product would be right for you, but you should also be sure to do your research into its ingredients and user reviews.

For daytime, we recommend the diet pill with clinically researched ingredients, Phenblue.

Are You Doing These Seemingly Innocent Things That Make Weight Loss Impossible?

Things That Make Weight Loss ImpossibleIf you have been trying to lose weight but you have not been able to achieve the right results, you might actually be undermining yourself by doing some of the following seemingly innocent things that can make weight loss impossible.

By tweaking the way you eat, exercise, and lead a healthy lifestyle every day, you can ensure that you will begin seeing the results that you want.

You Aren’t Resting Your Body Enough

So many people do not realize just how important sleep is when it comes to maintaining your overall health, as well as losing weight. Those hours of shut-eye are exactly what your body needs to repair itself, but the average person does not get enough hours of sleep every night. And if you are working out in an effort to lose weight but you are not getting enough sleep, your body will not be able to recover. Plus, when you sleep, your body actually releases some pretty potent hormones that are used to burn fat, so if you aren’t sleeping, you aren’t going to be able to lose weight like you want, making weight loss impossible.

You Are Cutting Too Many Calories

Reducing the size of your portions to a healthier level is a good way to start losing weight, but you should not be severely restricting the number of calories that you consume every day. Otherwise, your body will think that you are going into starvation mode, and it will hold on to whatever fat it can as a means to have enough energy to survive. So go ahead and eat several small meals a day, but make sure that they are made with whole food ingredients that are good for you, and keep them low in fat and calories. Doing so will help keep your metabolism going strong so you can lose weight.

You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

Many people also do not realize the importance of drinking enough water in order to lose weight. In fact, if you drink water prior to working out, you can prevent dehydration. When you are dehydrated while strength training, your stress hormone levels could rise, thereby hindering any gains that you otherwise would have gotten. So try to drink a few glasses of water throughout the day to ensure you are properly hydrated at all times. You will be able to flush the body, enhance muscle growth, and boost your metabolism as a result of that muscle growth.

If you have found weight loss impossible, consider the tips above to change up your routine and start making progress at last. You can also consider taking a weight management product like Phentramin-D for extra support, in addition to a healthy diet and exercise routine.

7 Astonishing Fitness World Records

Shocking Fitness World Records

Some fitness world records are incredible feats of human power.

Fitness world records aren’t necessarily the first things that pop into our heads when we think of the famous Guinness book that is published every year. We think of people who are exceptionally tall or short or who have unbelievably long fingernails.

However, fitness world records are just as fascinating as seeing someone with thousands of body piercings. There are some astounding feats of strength and endurance out there. Some may seem rather straightforward, but there are several that are downright astonishing.

Check out the following fitness world records and how they were achieved:

1. Biggest piggyback race

It may not be an Olympic sport, but the largest piggyback grace in the world occurred in Pascoe Vale South, Victoria, Australia in November 2012. At that time, 1,274 people participated and 710 of them made it across the finish line. This left the previous record of 296 people in the dust.

2. Most 100 kg weight lifts done in a single minute using only teeth

In 2013, Steve Schmidt, already the holder of several other records, lifted 100 kg sixty times using only his teeth. He’d previously held that same record in 2010, when he did it 50 times, but lost it to someone else before he regained it once again.

3. Heaviest human-pulled airplane

In 2009, Kevin Fast (also known as the Powerlifting Pastor) already held the record for the heaviest vehicle pulled for more than 100 feet. That said, he added a new record to his list of accomplishments when he pulled a CC-17 cargo plane for almost 29 feet. The aircraft weighed 416,299 pounds.

4. Longest distance traveled on a treadmill

In 2008, Ireland’s Tony Mangan walked just under 252 miles in about 48 hours. He’d previously held that same record but had lost it to Suresh Joachim before he was able to regain it once more.

5. Longest time standing on a stability ball

Ashrita Furman was able to stay standing no top of a stability ball for a whopping 5 hours, 7 minutes and 6 seconds. Furman holds several other records as well. In fact, he currently holds the record for the most records held by one person.

6. Longest hula-hooping marathon

Most people can barely hula-hoop for a few seconds let alone several hours. That said, in 2009, Aaron Hibbs was able to keep hula-hooping for 74 hours and 54 minutes straight. He was permitted a break of 5 minutes each hour. That said, for the rest of the time, the hoop had to remain between the height of Hibbs’s shoulders and hips and he was not permitted to touch it with his hands.

7. Most push-ups in an hour from the back of the hands

Paddy Doyle, a professional athlete and multiple record holder competed 1,940 push-ups in a single hour using the backs of his hands in 2007.

Tips to Reverse Insulin Resistance for a Healthier Body

Tips to Reverse Insulin ResistanceExperts estimate that more than 30% of Americans suffer with insulin resistance, which can be the result of factors like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, and heart disease, to name a few. If you are one of the many people who have been diagnosed with this condition, there are ways that you can bring balance back to your body. Check out the tips to reverse insulin resistance below to get started.

Focus on Your Diet

One of the most important tips to reverse insulin resistance involves changing your daily diet. The right foods can help to balance your insulin levels, so focus on consuming lean protein, plenty of fiber, and healthy foods like fresh vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains, legumes, and fruit. Avoid foods that are sugary, high in sodium, or processed, and steer clear of soda and unhealthy snacks.

It is also important to eat several meals throughout the day, so establish a routine that will allow you to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with a couple of snacks. Every meal should consist of some type of lean protein, and there should not be any more than 15 grams of carbs. Also, carbs should be in the form of veggies and fruits, and you should minimize the amount of grains that you eat. As far as snacks go, every snack should only have 7 grams or less of carbs.

Finally, consume foods that are high in healthy fats. Fatty acids are particularly helpful at reversing insulin resistance, so enjoy avocados, flaxseeds, eggs, and fish, and consider taking fatty acid supplements.

Remember that eating right every day will also help you lose weight, and that will, in turn, help to balance your body and reverse insulin resistance as well.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to eating right, it is also important to follow a healthy lifestyle if you wish to reverse insulin resistance. So start by getting some much-needed exercise on a regular basis. Physical activity will help keep your insulin levels balanced, as well as balance your hormones. And it can even promote better health by helping to decrease your stress level.

On top of working out a few days a week, get enough sleep every night, and kick unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking excess alcohol. And don’t forget to take care of yourself so you can reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

With these easy tips to reverse insulin resistance, you can work alongside your doctor to get your body back into a state of balance and wellness. As with anything else, the key is to be dedicated to the process and consistent in your efforts.

What to Expect When Committing to Veganism

Expect when Committing to VeganismHave you been reading about all of the benefits of veganism? Have you been thinking about following a plant-based diet for the environment, your health, the animals, or all of the above? Then you’re ready to join the many vegans all over the world who are benefiting from this lifestyle.

What should you expect when committing to veganism? Keep reading for a few helpful pointers.

You’ll Be Motivated to Try New Foods

When you’re committing to veganism, you’re committing to trying new foods that are as nutritious as they are delicious. What you might realize, too, is that you’re ready to try a variety of different cuisines that you might not have tried in the past. You’ll open yourself up to a host of new flavors, and you’ll be adding a lot more variety to your diet, which will translate to even more nutrition that will give you energy and make you feel great.

You Might End Up Losing Weight

One of the many perks that come with following a vegan diet is the fact that it’s low in fat. You’ll be eliminating a lot of cholesterol and unhealthy fats when you switch to a healthy plant-based diet, and you’ll also be getting the right amount of protein and calories when you’re focused on eating whole foods that are naturally designed to power the human body. As a result, you might end up losing weight pretty effortlessly, but even more efficiently if you’re already following a healthy workout routine.

Going Out to Eat Will Be Harder

While you’ll be able to prepare a lot of delicious vegan meals at home, going out to eat might be a challenge, depending upon where you live. Some areas of the country have loads of vegan eateries, while others don’t. So in addition to reading nutrition labels at the grocery store to ensure they don’t contain animal products, you’ll have to be more diligent about the foods that are served at restaurants.

It’s More Than a Diet

When committing to veganism and exposing yourself to the vegan way of life, you’ll probably notice, too, that it’s more than just a diet. This is a lifestyle that promotes wellness for people, planet, and animals. So you might find yourself becoming even more aware of how your choices and actions impact the lives of others, and you might want to purchase organic products and items that haven’t been tested on animals and don’t contain animal ingredients. But even if you don’t go that far, your body will benefit from a balanced plant-based diet.

Think Eating Sandwich Meat is Healthy? Read This

Healthy to be Eating Sandwich MeatDo you often find yourself preparing a sandwich using processed sandwich meats that you purchase at the supermarket? Then you definitely should know about the adverse health effects that can come with eating sandwich meat that isn’t good for you. Continue reading to learn more so you can make the right choices for your health and your weight.

First, the Sandwich Meats to Avoid

Eating sandwich meat every day is not a good idea, as many of the meats that you find in stores will end up being loaded in calories, fat, salt, and preservatives. These can quickly add up and take their toll on your overall health, as well as your weight.

· Steer clear of salami. It is speckled in lard and contains far too many calories and sodium.

· With nearly double the number of calories that are found in beef pastrami, mortadella is yet another sandwich meat that you should avoid. Notice all of the white areas throughout the meat, which are actually sections of pork fat.

· Speaking of beef pastrami, this sandwich meat might have more protein than ham, but it is also higher in sodium and fat.

· Bologna contains a whopping 265mg of sodium in a single slice. Imagine how much sodium you will ingest in one sitting when you pile on the slices for a sandwich! Plus, there are 75 calories in a slice.

Here Are the Sandwich Meats You Can Eat in Moderation

If you are going to indulge in sandwich meats, at least stick with those that are better for you compared to the ones that are listed above. Be sure to eat these in moderation and in small amounts, though, as they can still be detrimental in large quantities and when consumed too often.

· When it comes to sandwich meat, a great choice is turkey. A slice will only have about 30 calories, but it will also contain around 6 grams of protein.

· Another good option would be roast beef, as it is low in sodium and it is also lean. It will give you about 7 grams of protein in each slice, too, so you can have a few slices without feeling as though you are breaking your diet.

Ultimately, eating sandwich meat isn’t the best idea. These processed meats contain harmful ingredients, like fat, salt, and preservatives. Eat them in small quantities and focus on incorporating more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and beans into your diet.