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by Diet Pill Center on November 28, 2013

7 DFBX fat burner
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7 DFBX is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that is marketed as a product that helps men and women to lose up to 14 pounds within a span of seven days. Its claims not only include rapid weight loss but also that it helps to cleanse or detoxify the body.

Though many products make similar claims – particularly about weight loss – it is extremely rare for that exceptionally fast level of weight loss to actually occur. Moreover, losing weight that quickly could increase the risk of a number of health problems, so it is highly advisable that anyone considering the use of this product speak with their doctor first.

At the time that this review was written, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for one bottle of 7 DFBX was $49.99. That said, it was being sold on the official manufacturer’s website for $19.99, plus $4.95 flat rate shipping. Bulk purchasing deals were also offered on that site.

On the whole, 7 DFBX appears to be the exact same product as the original 7 Day Fat Burner supplement that has been rebranded with this new name. The only difference that could be discovered between the two products is that within a seven day span, twice as many capsules now need to be taken.

The directions for the product suggest that they be taken with water, and that they be accompanied by a healthy eating plan and regular activity program. To better understand how this could help to benefit weight loss, it is a good idea to look at the ingredients in the formulation. The primary ingredients listed appear to be caffeine anhydrous, chromium polynicotinate, oat bran fiber, and glucomannan. Those were the ingredients that actually stood out. However, there are over two dozen additional ingredients in the formula ranging from dandelion root to aloe vera, and many others.

Products such as this one, that contain an exceptionally long list of ingredients can cause a few red flags to rise. The reason is that even if every single one of the substances within the formula were considered to be highly effective for weight loss, there can’t be enough of all of them contained within the pill to be able to achieve the desired benefit. This suggests that many of the substances are added in tiny amounts, just so that their names can appear in the ingredients lists, despite the fact that they will not contribute to the promotion of weight loss.

A dieter may be better advised to choose a product with a formula that has been constructed purely with safety and effectiveness in mind.

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