72 Hour Diet Pills

by Diet Pill Center on April 7, 2015

72 hour diet pills review
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The 72 Hour Diet Pill is an over the counter weight loss supplement that was designed to provide dieters with an advantage in their efforts to get rid of their extra weight. It is meant to make losing weight a process that will occur more quickly and easily than most dieters would be able to accomplish if they used exercise and diet alone.

It is possible to obtain the 72 Hour Diet Pill in two primary ways. The first is to purchase the pills through the official website or through any of the other sites that sell the product. The second is that it is often sold as a type of free gift or a companion product to other pills that are sold on distributor sites. Among the pills that were giving away this product as a free gift with purchase at the time that this review was written were Lipo30 and Lipodryl.

It is important to speak with a doctor and to take a closer look at these diet pills before you start to take them, regardless of whether you purchased them specifically or if they are offered to you as a free gift. The reason is that it is not only good to make sure that you will not have an allergic reaction to them and that they will not conflict with other pills, supplements and drugs that you may be taking, but that they will also be safe, effective, and will not produce unwanted side effects that could negate any potential benefits that they have to offer.

The official website for this product offers a complete list of all of the ingredients that make up its formula. At the time that this review was written, the manufacturer also provided a brief explanation as to why each of those substances was chosen to be included in the formulation. Strangely, that manufacturer never actually identifies itself on the official website. It has a “contact us” page without giving their own name. That said, the “Terms of Use” of the site claims that the website is operated by a company called Advantage Nutraceuticals, LLC. Most reputable companies that are proud of their products and stand behind what they sell make it much easier to identify that they are involved. Equally, at the time of this review, while that company is not BBB accredited, it was listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website with an A+ rating.

The list of ingredients in this product was not only extremely long – making it difficult to believe that there was enough of anything to provide real benefit from each substance – but it did contain a number of substances that had effects such as diuretics, which suggests that this is more of a water pill than an actual weight loss pill. Any weight lost through this product will likely be very temporary and will return when the dieter rehydrates. The ingredients included: dandelion root, uva ursi, buchu, juniper berry, cornsilk, couch grass, parsley, stinging nettle, cranberry, ginger, milk thistle, vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium citrate.

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