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by Diet Pill Center on June 2, 2014

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Sanafil is a weight loss pill that is available over the counter and that has been designed by a company called Phytoscience LTD to be able to help dieters to shed the excess fat more quickly and easily than would be possible with diet and exercise alone. The product is marketed as being “all-natural” and claims to be an appetite suppressant that works quickly.

This type of claim is a very common one in the nonprescription weight loss pill market, so it is important to give a closer look to any product you are considering in order to make sure that you will be choosing one that will be effective and safe, so that you won’t be risking your health, time, and money.

Aside from speaking with your doctor and/or a pharmacist, looking into the ingredients list of a product is one of the best ways for you to gain a better understanding as to whether or not it can live up to its claims. In the case of Sanafil, the official product page says that the active ingredients include: Korean pine nut oil extract (2,400 mg), vitamin B3 (200 mg), and chromium picolinate (40 mg).

The only ingredient in this product that has anything to do with actual appetite suppression is the Korean pine nut oil. Though not extensive, there is a small amount of clinical evidence that can suggest that by taking enough of this substance, the sensation of hunger can be reduced. It is believed that the reason that this works is that the fatty acids found within this pine nut promote the excretion of natural hormones within the body, which can signal to the brain that there is more in the stomach than is actually present. The result is that hunger levels are slightly reduced.

Neither vitamin B3 nor chromium picolinate have any clinical evidence to suggest that they help to keep the appetite under control. As a contributor to the effort to lose weight, vitamin B3 does help in the breakdown of glucose, amino acids, and other nutrients, so this could, in theory, help the metabolism to become more efficient, but there isn’t any scientific evidence that this effect is powerful enough to actually produce measurable weight loss benefits.

In diet pill ads, chromium picolinate is often associated with an improved regulation of blood glucose levels and the claim is frequently made that because sugar spikes and crashes don’t occur as easily, this ingredient helps to reduce food cravings. However, the Mayo Clinic has stated that, at best, more research is needed to back up this type of promise, as conclusive results have yet to be produced in reputable studies.

Though there could be some weight loss benefits associated with taking Sanafil, this product is also associated with unproven ingredients that may increase the price of the pill without adding any real benefit. It is likely that it is safe to use.

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