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by Diet Pill Center on October 18, 2019

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Has your doctor prescribed Didrex diet pills to help you to lose weight?  If you are an obesity patient whose excess weight is placing you at risk of certain other dangerous health conditions, this may very well be the case.  This medication is one of many different possible prescription drugs obesity patients use along with a calorie restricted diet and improved physical activity level.

What is Didrex?

Didrex is a commonly used weight loss pill, which is known in its generic form as benzphetamine.  It functions as a sympathomimetic amine.  This means that it works in the brain in a way that is similar to amphetamine.  It provides stimulation to the central nervous system, causing the blood pressure and heart rate to rise. The result of this effect is commonly the suppression of the appetite so that the user feels less inclined to eat and does not suffer as many hunger pangs even when taking part in a diet where less food is consumed.

This drug is meant to be used over the short-term of up to a few weeks, so that the weight loss diet can be jump started and, with the right lifestyle habits in place, Didrex use can be discontinued and the dieter can continue to lose weight.  That said, this diet pill is meant for the treatment of obesity in combination with diet and exercise, as opposed to being the sole treatment for this common health condition.

How should Didrex be taken?

Before you take your first Didrex diet pills, make sure that you understand precisely how they should be used.  This includes the amount that should be taken, the time of day, how frequently, how it should be administered, as well as other details that will have been outlined by your doctor.  It is important not to deviate from your doctor’s instructions in order to make sure that you are taking this drug safely and to ensure its bets effectiveness.  If you do not understand the doctor’s instructions or if you have any questions, contact your doctor or pharmacist and seek your answers ahead of taking the medication.

Generally speaking, most Didrex patients will take the pill one time every day, either in the middle of the morning or the afternoon.  The right time for you should be indicated on your prescription label.  Otherwise, talk to your doctor about the best time for you and try to stick to the same time every day.

How to Take this Prescription Diet Pill

It’s important to take these pills exactly as directed.  Taking them more than prescribed, at higher doses, or for longer will not make them more effective, but it will increase the risk of experiencing severe side effects that could be life threatening.  It also increases the risk of addiction which can lead to very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when it comes time to stop.  Didrex diet pills are usually used only for a few weeks in order to prevent addiction and side effects.

If you have not dropped any pounds by the time you have been taking Didrex for one month, or if you find that you have more hunger than you did before, be sure to contact your doctor.  This may mean that you will need to change the way that you are using this medication, or that an alternative solution may be better for you.

Didrex diet pills should not be taken as the only effort to lose weight, but should instead be a part of a complete program that also includes a proper nutritious diet and proper daily exercise.  The routines for all of these elements should be carefully followed for the best results.

What else should you know about Didrex?

This prescription diet drug is a highly effective weight loss medication, but it is not appropriate for pregnant women as it can cause harm to the baby before it is born, or cause birth defects.

This medication should not be combined with other types of diet pill – whether that be prescription drugs, over the counter pills, or herbal supplements.  This could lead to dangerous results, such as the rare condition called pulmonary hypertension, which is a lung disorder that is fatal.

It is important to get to know how you react when you are using Didrex.  Like all prescription drugs, it does come with the risk of side effects.  Before you drive or take part in any other potentially hazardous activity that requires you to be alert, make sure that you know how you react to this medication.  Avoid drinking alcohol, as it can heighten the side effects that you experience, or cause new ones to occur.

Many users of this drug find that it can be habit forming and that if they try to stop using it suddenly, then withdrawal symptoms occur.  Make sure that you follow your doctor’s directions for the cessation of the use of this drug when it comes time to stop.  This will usually include the gradual decrease of its use until it is stopped altogether.

What side effects could you experience from taking Didrex?

Some of the potential side effects of Didrex diet pills include the following.  If you experience any of these serious symptoms, or an allergic reaction, make sure that you get professional medical assistance immediately.

  • Shortness of breath even after only mildly exerting yourself
  • Feeling faint
  • Chest pain
  • Ankle or foot swelling
  • Heart palpitations or pounding
  • Irritability or confusion, unusual behaviors or thoughts
  • Very high blood pressure (symptoms of which include blurred vision, severe headache, anxiety, buzzing in the ears, chest pain, confusion, uneven heartbeat, shortness of breath, or seizure).

Have the Talk

Even after understanding all the aforementioned details about Didrex diet pills, if you are prescribed this drug, it’s important to talk to your doctor and/or pharmacist about it.  Make sure that you are perfectly clear about how you should be taking it.  Know what types of mild side effects you may expect to experience.  Understand which ones should be taken more seriously and should be followed by immediate medical attention.

At the same time, be sure you know what type of weight loss you should expect while using Didrex.  Don’t forget to be clear about finding the right diet and exercise program to be using along with your prescription, too.  Keep in mind that this drug won’t do the work for you.  It will only make it easier for you to adopt the right healthy lifestyle habits that will help you to improve your weight control over the long term.

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Edward March 18, 2011 at 10:26 pm

I could go either way with Didrex I think it was more of a Placebo then anything else. I lose 10 pounds using Didrex but it took a month! I could have done that without the pill.


Tracie Norton April 19, 2012 at 4:45 pm

Hi Everyone.
This site has a lot of great reviews about diet pills!
Hey does anyone know where I can buy Didrex online?
I have been looking for Didrex and Phentermine but I can’t find a trust worthy source online.
Thank you!


Mason May 23, 2012 at 5:48 am

For didrex and phentermine you need a prescription from your doctor and you can no longer buy them online. I was on adipex and had a prescription for that but I switched to phentramin D as my side effects were too much with adipex. I find I am losing weight with Phentramin D and don’t have any notable side effects (knock on wood) so that is the pill I would recommend.


Rosa guerrero August 4, 2015 at 7:49 pm

I would like order


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