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by Diet Pill Center on June 4, 2021

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Fucothin, like many other over the counter diet aids, was originally marketed as being the “#1 Diet product” within the entire industry of natural products, when this review was first written in June 2012. That said, many things have changed about this product’s marketing and even its packaging since that time. This review has been updated for June 2021 to help you to decide whether this product may be appropriate for your weight management.

What Are Fucothin Diet Pills?

Fucothin diet pills are now marketed as weight management supplements. They were developed and are sold by a company called Garden of Life. This manufacturer is established and relatively well known in the United States. It sells its products through online retailers and certain health food stores where it keeps up a decent reputation. It is known for a range of different products for managing weight, digestive health, overall nutrition, immune system support, as well as a number of food items.

How Does it Work?

At the time of our original review, Garden of Life said that Fucothin works by increasing the rate at which the body burns fat through thermogenesis. This is a process that increases the body’s temperature so that it will burn more energy as heat, especially when combined with regular healthy exercise. The manufacturer also says that this supplement can boost the metabolism and, because it does not contain any stimulants, it does not harm a dieter’s ability to sleep.

That said, the angle with which Garden of Life addresses its customers has now changed. It focuses its attention on Xanthigen, a proprietary ingredient blend that is simply made of brown seaweed and pomegranate seed oil. It claims that this combination provides a “non-stimulant natural fat burner.” Moreover, it repeatedly points to “gold standard” human clinical studies to support its claims regarding that ingredient.  Unfortunately, while it somewhat describes the 16-week study, it does not identify who conducted the study, when, or where it was published.  In this way, it is unclear whether the study was conducted reputably, whether it was Garden of Life itself that conducted the study, whether the participants were paid or in some way stood to gain from the results, or any other factors that help to determine whether the research should be taken seriously.

Moreover, a single study containing 150 participants is considered to be preliminary at best and is not proof that an ingredient is safe and effective. Assuming it was properly conducted by a reputable, independent organization, such research would only be an indication that the ingredient was worthy of further research.

Fucothin Ingredients

The ingredients in Fucothin haven’t changed over the years.  The now proprietary Xanthigen blend still contains brown seaweed concentrate (fucoxanthin) and pomegranate seed oil.

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