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by Diet Pill Center on October 19, 2020

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Have you heard of Lorcaserin? If you have been searching for prescription diet pills that work by helping you shed excess pounds more easily, you probably have. Below, we’ve compiled some helpful information about this diet pill, including its pros and cons. Also, keep reading about an important announcement about Lorcaserin.

What Is Lorcaserin?

Lorcaserin, a prescription weight loss drug also known as BELVIQ and which was created by Arena Pharmaceuticals, received its approval by the FDA in 2012, becoming the first medication of this nature to receive the nod from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration since 1999.

This drug had previously been denied its approval application in December 2010, following an association between its use and tumors in rats, and because the weight loss that it encouraged was deemed to be negligible and that patients in clinical trials regained any weight that they did lose once the use of the drug was terminated.

After their initial failure to receive approval Arena Pharmaceuticals cut a quarter of its jobs in the United States in order to be able to save adequate money to follow the recommendations of the FDA and further the testing on Lorcaserin.

How Does Lorcaserin Work?

The Lorcaserin drug functions as an appetite suppressant. Though there are already a number of other FDA approved prescription medications that work in the same way, such as adipex diet pills that can also suppress the appetite and make it easier to eat less and consume fewer calories daily, the testing from Arena Pharmaceuticals suggested that this new drug is different in that it can be used with a lower risk of potential side effects when compared to the other options on the market. Equally, research has also indicated that among the few side effects that are associated with the use of this drug, some are more severe than those of its competition.

Arena Pharmaceuticals managed to conduct additional testing that showed to the FDA that the use of Lorcaserin is safe for humans, and that the risks that do exist are minimal enough to make the benefits well worth it.

Who Can Take Lorcaserin?

Like the other prescription weight loss drugs on the market, Lorcaserin is available only to patients who have been diagnosed with clinical obesity. It is meant to help to reduce the excess weight when diet and exercise alone have been insufficient. This, in turn, will reduce the risk of other health conditions connected with the patient’s obesity, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, and others.

The Lorcaserin drug will not be prescribed to an individual who is not sufficiently overweight, as the lack of excess body fat will increase the risk and severity of serious side effects. Moreover, a lower calorie diet and an exercise program will be prescribed in conjunction with this medication, as it will not cause fat to be lost without these additional efforts.

An Important Update About Lorcaserin/Belviq

Even though this prescription diet pill seemed promising, it has been pulled from the market. According to the FDA, they requested that this product be voluntarily withdrawn by the manufacturer because it is associated with a higher risk of cancer, according to clinical trials. People were diagnosed with various cancers, but some types that developed more often included colorectal, lung, and pancreatic cancers. Patients are advised to stop taking this diet pill if they are currently using it, and they should also consult with their doctors about other diet pills that are available as alternatives.

Now that you know about the rise and fall of Lorcaserin/Belviq, you can make smarter choices about the diet pill that will help you shed pounds without the scary side effect of increased cancer risk.

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