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by Diet Pill Center on July 31, 2020

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The prescription diet drug known as Meridia is a diet pill that was designed to help patients with obesity to reduce their body weight in order to achieve better health. This medication has undergone quite a bit of controversy throughout the length of its existence.

For instance, while it had once been a prescription drug available in the United States, that situation changed in October 2010.  It was a that time that the drug was withdrawn from the marketplace in that country.

What is Meridia?

In its generic form, it is better known as sibutramine HCl monohydrate. As is the case with all medications that are available only when prescribed by a licensed doctor, this capsule is not meant for every patient.

When it was available in the United States, it was prescribed for the treatment of obesity that contributed to diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

What do Meridia Diet Pills Do?

Meridia capsules can be prescribed only to dieters who have reached a certain body mass index, usually indicating that they must lose a minimum of thirty pounds in order to be within their healthy BMI range.

How Does This Medication Work?

Meridia works by impacting the parts of the brain that are responsible for the sensation of hunger. By doing this, it can decrease hunger pangs and help to achieve a greater feeling of “fullness” from a smaller amount of food. When this is combined with the consumption of healthy and lower calorie foods can greatly help to decrease the daily caloric consumption and make it easier to reduce body fat.

The specific mechanism by which Meridia brought about those benefits for obesity patients was not precisely known.  This is not uncommon in the case of prescription diet drugs which are often understood on certain levels but not on others.

How the Benefits Were Achieved

In countries where this drug remains legal, to further the benefits of Meridia, an exercise regimen will also be prescribed. This helps to ensure that the reduced number of calories every day will also result in the burning of stored fat, as increasing activity levels will require a greater amount of energy, which will start to be used from the stored fat in the body.

For this reason, Meridia is not considered to be a weight loss cure, on its own. It is a part of an overall program that will establish the proper lifestyle habits that lead to weight loss and to the maintenance of the goal weight once the excess pounds are gone. The primary purpose of this type of drug is short term weight loss, but the hope is that the patient will learn what is required in order to keep a good body mass, and will continue onward with those efforts even after the pills are no longer being taken.


The Meridia 10mg capsules are typically prescribed to be taken one time every day. This should usually occur at the very beginning of the day so that it works throughout the waking hours and will not result in insomnia side effects from being taken too close to bedtime. Studies that have examined the use of this drug, and documentation from patients who have been prescribed this pill, have shown that the most weight loss occurs within the first six months of use.

That said, the reason that this drug was pulled from the United States market was that data increasingly showed that its use raised the risk of heart attack and stroke.  The manufacturer of the drug in the United States, Abbott Laboratories announced that it would voluntarily withdraw this medication from its offerings.  That said, the decision was made in response to pressure it faced from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Meridia Alternatives

Since the medication was taken down from the US market, doctors must find Meridia alternatives for Americans suffering from obesity.  Fortunately, there are several other diet drugs available for those individuals to use to help them to more effectively change their eating and exercising habits.

In the case of people who are not obese but who are seeking support to lose weight, Meridia wouldn’t have been an option in the first place. They often benefit from non-prescription supplements that will help to increase metabolism and/or energy levels, among their advantages. Even though those products don’t require a doctor’s prescription for purchase, it’s still always recommended that anyone considering a diet pill make a doctor’s appointment – in person or over telehealth channels – to discuss the formula, as well as the healthiest lifestyle changes to be made and that will be supported by the pill’s benefits.

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