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by Diet Pill Center on April 5, 2014

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Phenocal is a nonprescription diet supplement that is designed to help dieters to be able to lose weight more quickly. It has been formulated using patented ingredients, among others, and the manufacturer claims that its selection of substances will help to shrink the appetite of the dieter while boosting the metabolic rate.

If Phenocal does actually do what it claims, then this could mean that this supplement could be very helpful for dieters who are having a hard time losing weight on their own. It could assist them in being able to reach their goal weight when they couldn’t do it alone, or it could ensure that they are capable of reaching that target faster than they would be able to do without the added assistance.

The website offers the customer a money back guarantee to help to decrease the risk associated with purchasing diet pills online. That said, there have been some customer complaints registered online regarding the process that they have had to undergo in order to receive a reimbursement. The first issue is that the shipping cost is not reimbursed, which means that some of the money could be lost, right off the top. Moreover, an authorization code must be obtained from the manufacturer before the product can be returned to the manufacturer (which incurs an additional shipping fee that is not reimbursed). Many customers have said that this guarantee did not end up giving them very much money in return when they did not like the product.

That said, the Phenocal website does offer a great deal of information about the product and it does have customer service agents available for live chat on the site.

The product, itself is made up of quite the long list of ingredients. These include vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12, D3, as well as Biotin (also known as vitamin H), chromium (picolinate), folic acid, fucoxanthin, glucomannan, cocoa extract, hoodia gordonii, green tea leaf extract, 5-HTP, bioperine®, CLA, L-tyrosine, garcinia cambogia, yerba mate, coleus forskohlii, evodiamine, L-tryptophan, and black pepper extract.

Among those ingredients, there are some that have been studied and have been found to be helpful with weight loss when used in adequate doses, and others – such as hoodia gordonii – that are known more for their hype than having any proof of safety of use or of effectiveness. As the list is very long, it is doubtful that the concentration of any of these ingredients is adequate to generate a significant amount of additional weight loss.

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