Dare to Bare Diet Pills

by Diet Pill Center on March 28, 2014

Dare to Bare Diet Pills
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Dare to Bare diet pills are a weight loss product that is manufactured by Shine Tanning and Beauty, Ltd. It is packaged behind a striking pink logo that matches the color scheme of its websites. But whether or not the product can actually stand up to the flash of its marketing requires additional research and investigation.

At first glance, it would appear that the product has some promise. It does have a couple of ingredients that are found in other products that have received some positive customer reviews. However, as much as that anecdotal evidence does exist, no scientific support could be found for this product at the time of this review. In fact, very little information, at all, was provided by the website. It appears that it was designed more for flashiness and excitement and not as much to educate potential customers.

While there are ingredients identified and there are a couple that are quite promising, the quantities in which they were used were not identified on the official website. This makes it impossible to determine whether or not enough of them were used to make them effective or if too much were used so that this could increase the risk of experiencing side effects.

The claim on the website is that Dare to Bare functions by boosting the metabolism so that the body is able to burn fat much more quickly and easily than would be possible with diet and exercise alone. It states that this product achieves this function through thermogenesis, where the body temperature rises in order to burn more calories as heat instead of requiring some form of activity.

While the official website did list the ingredients, it does not provide any scientific evidence that any of those ingredients have been clinically shown to be effective. The ingredients within this diet product include yerba mate, gota kola, ginseng, green tea, caffeine, and lecithin. Among those ingredients, green tea and caffeine do have some evidence to support that they could be good for helping to temporarily boost the metabolism. However, the amount in which these have been used is unknown, making it difficult to know if enough has been included – particularly as they are as low as they are on this list. This product is quite high in stimulants, which suggests that there is a high likelihood that individuals sensitive to this type of substance will experience side effects.

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