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by Diet Pill Center on March 14, 2014

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Obesitrol is a diet pill made in the United States that claims to be able to provide benefits that assist dieters in many ways so that they can more effectively lose weight. Its official website provides a sizeable amount of information so that it can help to inform its current and potential users. However, it is important to look into this product more deeply to ensure that it can live up to its claims in a safe way.

Although the manufacturer of Obesitrol could not be found on the official website, the domain of that site is registered to Nutripharm LLC.

The claims regarding the way that Obesitrol works are that it provides metabolism boosting, appetite suppression, and fat burning. That said, when having a deeper look at the ingredients that make up this formula, it is difficult to believe that it would be able to accomplish these goals.

The ingredients within this formula are found very commonly throughout the nonprescription weight loss product industry. That said, they are not proven to do what the manufacturer claims. Moreover, at the time that this review was written, the quantities were not provided. Therefore, it is impossible to determine how powerful or safe the product is.

There are four natural substances that make up each Obesitrol pill. They are African mango (irvingia gabonensis), ciccus quadrangularis, caffeine, and a compound that is made up of lady’s mantle, olive leaf, cumin seed, and wild mint leaf. Among these ingredients it is the first three and not the final compound that truly draw the eye of someone familiar with this industry.

The first ingredient, irvingia gabonensis is found in hundreds, if not thousands, of over the counter diet pills because there is a touch of good research to indicate that it may help the body to break down fat and to reduce water retention. That said, it must be used in certain amounts to accomplish this goal, but as the website has not shared the quantities of the ingredients, it is impossible to know if that has occurred within this formula.

Ciccus quadrangularis is also found in many diet pills, though the scientific support for this ingredient is notably lower. Caffeine is known to help to provide more energy, a boost in metabolism, and enhanced alertness. It provides a temporary advantage in which dieters can exercise and reduce their calorie consumption so that their actions will have a greater effect on weight loss. Without exercise and calorie reduction, this ingredient doesn’t have meaningful weight loss impact. That said, the amount of this ingredient is, once more, not mentioned on the official website, which means that it could be too weak for any impact, or it may be strong enough to create unwanted side effects such as sleeplessness, jitters, and anxiety.

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