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by Diet Pill Center on October 8, 2013

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Dexyfen capsules are a type of weight loss supplement that is manufactured by Image Sports and marketed by General Nutrition Country (GNC). This product is made to work as an appetite suppressant that also stimulates the metabolism so that dieters will be able to eat less and yet burn more fat at the same time.

This combination in Dexyfen diet pills could be very powerful, if it is everything that GNC claims it to be. Assuming that it works, it could be a very good option for dieters who are looking for a combination of suppressed hunger pangs with increased calorie burning. This could mean that it will be easier to reach weight loss goals.

However, to know whether or not Dexyfen does, indeed, work, it is important to look into its formula as well as various product and customer reviews that can be found online from third parties that do not stand to benefit from the sale of these weight loss supplements.

The following ingredients make up the Dexyfen formula: caffeine anhydrous, pausinystalia yohimbe, oryza sativa, menthe haplocalyx, and zanthoxylum piperitum.

All of the ingredients within the Dexyfen formula are natural. Even caffeine anhydrous – though it sounds like a chemical name – is the same as the natural form of caffeine, except that it has been dehydrated to make it possible to use it in stronger concentrations. Yohimbe bark is often found in products that are designed to be sexual enhancers, but this can also boost the metabolism so that calories will burn more quickly. Oryza sativa is a form of rice that is high in antioxidants and healthy acids. It is believed that it can help fat to be released from the body more easily.

The mentha haplocalyx leaf from a plant that is in the same family as mint and that has several medicinal uses. However, within the Dexyfen formulation, it has been selected because it is a diuretic. This helps to flush out excess fluids from the tissues of the body giving the temporary appearance of weight loss even though fat hasn’t been reduced. Zanthoxylum piperitum is another natural herb. Though traditional medicine uses it to ease stomach pain, in this GNC product, it is meant for boosting digestion.

As this product is high in diuretics, it is important to make certain to keep up fluid levels or dehydration can be a risk. This product also contains stimulants, which should be used carefully in order to avoid headaches, irritability, jitters, and insomnia.

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