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by Diet Pill Center on October 8, 2013

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Excelatrim is, according to its manufacturer, an all natural diet pill that can be purchased on its own, or following a trial offer that allows the dieter to sample its effects before buying. The free trial period is eighteen days long, which gives the dieter the opportunity to try 14 days of the product plus 4 days in which the order is processed to deliver the next full batch of the product.

When ordering a free trial of Excelatrim, the customer must provide his or her credit card number in order to pay for the shipping. At that point, the credit card will also be charged $79.41 as it subscribes the customer for the auto-ship program. Every 30 days, another $79.41 for the product and $5.95 for shipping and handling is automatically charged to the customer’s card and another thirty days of the product is shipped, until the customer cancels.

Although VICI Marketing is not the manufacturer of Excelatrim, the company is associated with that product. VICI Marketing has been involved in a number of legal battles with the state of Florida with regards to the use of consumer information that has been obtained illegally, as well as with regards to employing salespeople without adequate licensing. Among the telemarketers who were employed by the company were individuals who were felons with convictions for fraud and identity theft.

Among the ingredients listed for Excelatrim are raspberry ketone, EGCG, ChromeMate, and natural ginseng. Excelatrim doesn’t share exactly how much of each of the ingredients are contained within the product so it is impossible to know whether there is enough of them in the product to produce the results that it claims to provide. Both raspberry ketone and EGCG are known in the weight loss industry for having certain benefits to dieting, there is a minimum amount of each that is needed in order to generate weight loss results, and at the time of this review, it was impossible to tell if they contained enough of either. ChromeMate, on the other hand, is simply a combination of niacin and chromium. According to the Mayo Clinic, there is nothing to prove that chromium lives up to its claims for reducing hunger and/or food cravings.

If you take any other supplements, over the counter medications, or prescription drugs, speak with your doctor or a pharmacist before taking Excelatrim, as it contains ginseng, which is a natural ingredient but that is known to interact with a number of other ingredients and medications.

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