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by Diet Pill Center on January 18, 2014

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Among the many, many products on the market that are based on Hoodia Gordonii since it came to the market about a decade ago, UniqueHoodia has managed to become one of the most popular. Whether this means that it is a very effective appetite suppressant or whether it means that it has achieved an exceptional marketing strategy has yet to be seen. It is important to take a closer look into the product to help to determine whether or not it has any potential as a weight loss pill.

The hype revolving around hoodia is a good place to start when examining any product that contains the substance as an ingredient. It first made it to the market in 2004, shortly after scientists in South Africa discovered the P57 molecule which is found within the hoodia plant’s stem. It was said to contain properties that could greatly reduce the appetite. Since that first announcement, the ingredient has exploded.

The problem with this is that while the scientists were able to prove that the plant is safe to use by humans when it is taken in its original form, and it is likely that it can reduce the size of the appetite, this has never been the case for the ingredient in pill form. Far more research is required to show that pills containing this substance will suppress the appetite.

Moreover, there have been massive scams in this industry. There are three kinds of hoodia pills, those that actually use the 100 pure ingredient in an adequate quantity that – assuming that it works in this form – some effect could result, there are those that use the wrong plant or the wrong part of the plant (as the P57 is located only in the stem), and there are those that use the right form of pure hoodia, but in such an insufficient quantity that nothing would result even if it was the best diet pill ingredient ever found.

In the case of UniqueHoodia, they do seem to have made an effort to be sure that they have a high quality product. They also provide a lengthy 180 day money back guarantee to give dieters the chance to try it out and return it for a refund if they find that they are unsatisfied with its performance.

UniqueHoodia has gone to the effort to post its certifications including a document from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to show that the product was exported directly from South African farms, a CITES certificate (from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) which is required when exporting Hoodia Gordonii from the country, and a certificate of analysis, which is issued when the substance enters the country, proving that it is the highest quality of the plant.

This said, it looks as though UniqueHoodia is far from being a scam and it is a high quality product. The primary issue is that it is not scientifically proven to actually work in this form.

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